NOV 26 | EDITION #78
Happy Thanksgiving peeps, grab your coffee.

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🔥 Good Stuff

🤝 Collab Masters Shaking Hands 
Fortnite Creative partnered with 100 Thieves by recreating the Cash App Compound in-game. This collab makes sense from everywhere that you look at it.
  • Fortnite's perspective: This level of commitment with a gaming-esports-entertainment team is new for Epic Games, 100 Thieves latest merch will have an early drop in Fortnite. Another thing to have in mind is that 100 Thieves has the perfect user persona to be targeted by companies looking for constant consumers with the right age and brand awareness. W.
  • 100 Thieves' perspective: Teams that only rely on huge pro players or streamers suffer from revenue holes when these personalities go to other teams, since their fans follow who they hired and not the brand. Their HQ will be virtually visited by thousands of people, they will be able to see how working for the Thieves looks like, they add a way of purchasing apparel. It's yet another move to solidify fandom around the brand. W.
  • Cash App's perspective: a fucking banking company has never look this dope before. Congrats to the Cash App marketing team man. The position in which they are right now must be a dream come true for hundreds of companies trying to get the next generations' finances in order. W

📺  The Last of Us x HBO
HBO will be turning The Last of Us into a series. Some of people involved in the project are Craig Mazin from Chernobyl and Carolyn Strauss from both Chernobyl and Game of Thrones. 

✈️ The New Flight
Scared of airports because of Covid? No worries, Microsoft Flight Simulator takes you to more than 50 points of interest in the US. This is the most commercial line of text I have ever written lmao.

🥽 ARnimal Crossings 
Nintendo adds an augmented reality update to Animal Crossings for players with newer devices.

🕶 Balenciaga Joins Gaming
What a year for Fashion x Gaming holy shit. Balenciaga will debut their '21 collection through a video game created just for that. The event is called Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow with release date on Dec 6th.

😲 Ready Player 2 x Roblox
Roblox joined forces with Ernest Cline when Ready Player One came out. Now, they are doing it again for Ready Player Two on December 1st. Here you have the details, and here you have an in-game video explanation. I'm an massive fan of the book and the movie. It makes sense to collab with Roblox, the rustic graphics makes the search for hidden easter eggs poetic. However, the only thing that I'm a bit uncertain is if partnering with Cyberpunk for the same event wasn't a way better strategy and experience. The future of open world lifestyle is starting to take off.

🎞 Trailer of the Week
Project 007 by IO Interactive.

🗣 Rumor of the Week
A new PSVR headset by LetsGoDigital is being developed for PlayStation 5.

 🥶 Collabs

FaZe Clan x Casio G-Shock
Conor McGregor x Contest of Heroes
Animal Crossing x Melbourne Fringe Festival
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 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

  • Supercell invests $2.8M in mobile game studio 2Up.
  • Learn2Esports partners with Twitch for scholastic esports curriculum.
  • Entropiq partners with PUMA.
  • Team Vitality announces partnership with SAP.
  • Spacestation Gaming partners with Aim Lab.
  • Lightfox Games raises $3.3M for mobile games.
  • Piranha Games acquired by Enad Global 7.

💎 Gems of the Week


📈 Stats

  • October's most active Reddit communities: League leading with 931K posts and comments.
  • PS5 is the biggest console launch in history: PS4 was the latest console holding that record.
  • Esports Charts' new analytical platform: Stream Charts.

😂 Fuckery Snack

Preach Zoltan, preach.

 🗓 Upcoming Events

Nov 24 - 29 / BLAST Premiere Fall Showdown
Nov 30 - Dec 6 / FLASHPOINT Playoffs
Dec 1 / NYSL WarzoneMania
Dec 10 / The Game Awards
Dec 18 - 20 / LoL All-Stars Run the Rift


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