OCT 28 | EDITION #122
Hello hello, I can smell the weekend, I know you do too. Managed to rescue a couple gems out of the dust from a boring a shit week in gaming.

This week:
  • Thanks to FaZe, we evolve as gamers.
  • Google antitrust. Period.
  • Netflix and gaming love for each other is working.
  • Chipotle is always ahead of the curve.

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🍺 Beer Talk 

🚀 Still not paying attention?

Once an esports team and ‘going public’ are in the same sentence, we instantly think — oh no no no, not another fuckup please. Teams with a successful CSGO roster from five years ago or with one famous investor who knew Steve Jobs in his thirties think that it’s enough to go public. People won’t invest in you just because.

However, we’ll finally have a public offering from a team which is suitable to do whatever they really want. FaZe Clan started as a group of kids doing trickshots on YouTube, and now they will go public in 2022.

Don’t underestimate trickshots. These guys are the perfect example of a team that is not afraid of pushing content in which they believe. Content and ideas downgraded for years by people who couldn’t see outside of the box, and when culture hit them in the face they went like — ah shit, the FaZe boys were not crazy after all

Yes, it will come with some mistakes here and there, but the pioneering force that they created is just too big to control:
  • Billions of hours watched.
  • Partnerships with literally every brand connected to younger generations.
  • Hyper influential part-owners coming from the sports, fashion and music industries.
  • Global recognition not just in gaming but in every cultural aspect of life.
  • 350M people across social media with 80% in the 13-34 y/o range.

Initial valuation? A nice lil’ $1B. They will hit the Nasdaq in 2022.
Culture is king, content is queen. FaZe built a whole damn kingdom.

💣 New Games & Trailers
GTA: TRILOGY — Trailer
HALO — Teaser

🧵 Thread of the Week
Google Antitrust Filing, by fasterthanlime.

🏆 Esports Highlights

📖 Read of the Week
Masters of Disruption: How the Gaming Generation Built the Future, by D. Kushner.

🎞️ Film x Gaming
  • Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop new trailer.
  • Imagine Dragons jumping with Riot Games x Netflix. By the way, I love the animation on this teaser. Arcane will be an absolute massive success. 
  • The film ‘A Quiet Place’ is getting a game adaptation for 2022.

☁️ Surprise, Surprise
Samsung is developing a new cloud game platform.

🖋️ Signing Change
Last week, Valve announced that they were not going to allow crypto-based games or NFTs, while Epic Games pretty much laughed at that shit. Anyways, 26 studios came together to issue an open letter to Valve to reconsider the stupidity of their thoughts. 


 🥶 Collabs

Chipotle x Roblox
Naruto x Team Liquid
Fortnite x Resident Evil
PlayStation x Apple Music
Ferrari x Mobile Esports


 🥢 Take a Bite

💎 Gem of the Week


 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

  • Piepacker raises $12M, round led by Lego Ventures.
  • TSM’s sponsor FTX raises $420M.
  • SPORT1 and Psyonix extend Rocket League broadcast partnership.
  • Kazoo Games raises $12M, round led by Garena.
  • Backend game engine Pragma raises $22M.
  • Razer announces sustainability partnerships with UL and Panerai.
  • Sipher raises $6.8M for a PC-based blockchain game.

😂 Fuckery Snack

Wait… did we just solve the PC/Controller war?

🗓 Upcoming Events

Oct 26 - Nov 7 / PGL Major Stockholm
Oct 29 / Metaverse Music Fest - Decentraland
Oct 30 - 31 / LoL Worlds Semifinals
Nov 6 / Indie Live Expo
Nov 6 - 7 / ComplexCon

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