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Twitch showing no mercy and pros burning their Overwatch jerseys, but first...
MAY 1 | WEEKLY #49

Viktor from Ketchum and Jonas from Blackbird Esports.

 🔥 Good Stuff

Players and Pancakes: Spot the 10 differences

Let's start with the good news: Drake's new album is out and businesses are re-opening.

Let's continue with the bad news: not all businesses are reopening with success  cuz... Overwatch League.

The OWL is going through an interesting set of "unfortunate" events. A lot of people, way more intellectual than I am (I had to google how to spell intellectual), already explained the economic reasons behind IP-owned-leagues struggle to serve the entire ecosystem's financial health. 

However, I do wanna talk about the second most important aspect: 

👀 Viewership Experience

Overwatch was never intended to have a good viewer experience. The introduction of city-based teams, well-known investors, new hyped sponsors and shinny venues camouflaged reality the game is unwatchable for new fans. 

Yes, is exciting for current players. But at the same time, since other publishers (shit, even the same publisher) could come up with a new similar game at any time, they need to constantly create changes in order to keep their players engaged. 

🚂  Bandwagon

Meta changes make pro players mad. So now they're f^cking up with both newbies and pros, leaving one "happy" audience: amateur hard-core players, which by the way, has no substantial growth

OWL's best player, Sinatraa, left the league and SF Shock to play Valorant for Sentinels. Other pros and aspiring players are doing the same thing. I mean... you can tell these people are more bandwagony than 2020 Buccaneers fans since the Valorant's esports scene doesn't even exists yet, but there're some reasons: 

  • Teams already throwing 20K/m offers at kids to play Valorant.
  • Player's frustration with the OWL's lack a competitive environment, turned them into easy well cooked pancakes for other games to eat.
  • Riot Games has proof of competitive success.

Some owners must be empathizing with Joe Exotic right now.

But hey, the competitive aspect of the industry is young and it has a long way to go. The NBA, NFL, FIFA, they all had messed up models back then, and still today.

We need to fail in order to learn, but if we don't separate publisher's success from leagues and teams' success, investors will get tired of invisible return, and instead of white, black or grey areas, the only thing that we're gonna get... is shade.


A (familiar) new world

A TikTok latino valley girl walking on heels has more stability than Second Life's equity right now. Epic Games announced their commitment to a new experimental world. But foreal though, those heels are like stilts.

Fortnite started as a game aimed to be competitive by skyrocketing the Battle Royale mode not only for players but also to other publishers. They quickly realized... the real money was't there
  • On one side, they understand gaming and culture better than anybody. These concerts are just a little demonstration of what a profitable online social platform looks like, and now they're jumping into the race of "who is gonna create a proper Ready Player One landscape first".
  • On the other side, they treat esports as a marketing tool to make kids get engage with the game, motivated to earn money and be famous. It isn't their priority, as we can tell by their shaky competitive structure, but it's still important for them.

Esports teams have reasons to be mad at Epic, but at least Fortnite shows that their main objective doesn't go around competitive. Signed Fortnite pros have a lack of structure but the game is so famous that they still bring a big amount of fan impressions to teams. Not like the OWL that painted a frame with crayons and sold it like it was a f^cking Da Vinci piece.
It only took a decade

Right. As we walk-thought the Juked and Popdog's drama, guess what... Twitch comes out with a new section: The Esports Directory. It only took a decade to release it.

There're two type of companies when we talk about monopoly-type big fish:

🍎 Proactive companies releasing new features to innovate and develop the industry way quicker than expected which later will be copied by other companies with less resources. For example, Apple.

🍆 Passive companies waiting to be fuc... oh no, my bad, I tend to mix concepts sometimes. Retroactive companies waiting for little players to innovate on something that they already thought about, copy it, add something else to it (music section) and release it instantly to give no room to react. And since they have way more resources and recognition, it shadows the competition quick. For example, Twitch.

But there's two things to have in mind: talent and cross-platforms. 

There is room for competition, since the concept of Twitch-Youtube-Mixer in the same spot can't be mimicked by the stream platform itself. Also, Juked and Popdog are runned by ex Twitch employees and they know their shit. Talent will always be a disruptive advantage.

 🔍 What else is there?

⚔️  For Valhalla! Assasins's Creed Valhalla trailer is out and...OH MY GAWD.

🖌  The art of skins. When a team wins the League of Legends Worlds Championship, they get their own in-game skins forever. Here is the process. 

🎮  Starting to collect. Google Stadia will get PUBG, Star Wars, Madden and FIFA.

🦙  Let the teasing begin. The current Fortnite season has been the same for a while now. We still have another month to go, but the first teasers are rolling.

😮  Ten times a milli. Xbox Game Pass has reached 10 million subscribers.

 💰 Investments & Partnerships

ESL x Twitch x Dreamhack


  • FaZe Clan and Sugar23 team up to launch FaZe Studios.
  • Misfits extends partnership with Playwire.
  • Newzoo enters strategic partnership with Reddit.
  • 100 Thieves signs partnership with JBL.
  • Complexity Gaming partners with BALANCED Media | Technology.
  • LoL European masters teams up with Nissin.
  • UK LoL League (UKLC) partners with Barclays.
  • Envy Gaming renews partnership with Acer's Predator.
  • Guilded raises $7M series A investment.
  • TikTok partners with the Collegiate StarLeague for esports tournament.

 🏆 Esports Stats

Rainbow 6 Siege Season 11: Regions Comparison
Powered by Esports Charts

 🕹 Gaming Stats

Travis Scott x Fortnite: Final Numbers
Roblox in march: 2 billion hs of engagement

💎 Gem of the Week

Our good lad Geoff, coming in clutch with the Summer Game Fest.

 🍿 Esports Highlights

🥇T1 / League of Legends / LCK Spring Split / HL 📼
💥Chicago Huntsman Series Top 5 Plays / CDL


 🗓 Upcoming Events

COD Mobile World Championshiop Stage 1 / April 30
YANA 2020 / May 2
Stay at Home Slam by Facebook Gaming / May 3
NBA2K League Kick-Off / May 5
Tencent Industry Insights Conference (free) / May 6
European games BizDev Gathering / May 13-14

❌Arena of Valor World Cup 2020: Canceled.
❌Free Fire Champions Cup: Canceled.

Venues are closed because of COVID-19, these are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Social Media, Data, Events and Operations — Cloud 9
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA

Community Manager  Monster Energy Gaming
🇺🇸 Corona, USA
Senior Account Manager — 100 Thieves
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA


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