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  • Sexual Harassment at its finest.
  • Mixer's timeline. Streamers' biggest W.
  • Complexity Gaming's dream tales.
  • Stats: BLAST Premiere Spring EU vs NA.
  • Gem of the Week: Gucci enters esports.
JUNE 26 | WEEKLY #57
Tea from Athlane & Brian from Blizzard

 🔥 Good Stuff


Trouble in the ethics biz

In the early 1990s, the cleaning staff at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam installed a small sticker that looked like a fly in the center of each urinal. When men stepped up to the urinals, they aimed for what they thought was a bug. The stickers reduced spillage around urinals and it cut bathroom cleaning costs by 8% per year.

In gaming we need to do the opposite. Man installed aiming stickers on woman for far too long, now we need to cut these mothers f^ckers out, to take sexual harassment to 0%.

Wait what?
This week, hundreds of woman came out on Twitter to tell their experiences with sexual harassment involving man in gaming and esports. Main people accused:

  • Big time streamers.
  • "Important" employees at Twitch, Riot and Method.
  • Dota 2 talent.

Because, let's face it, is everywhere
The Netflix documentary, Athlete A, showed us that the USA Gymnastics is the perfect example of a system where sexual harassment is part of the culture. It's culture because it involves both the predators and the people who know this shit is happening, but don't say or do anything to save the company or themselves from public backlash.

The team doctor, Nassar and several gymnastics coaches abused more than 500 athletes, including 9 Olympians, and both the president Steve Penny and team coordinator Márta Károly covered it up for a decade.

Teams vs Corporate
Method's Twitter cover said 15 years of progress (minutes ago, they just changed it). All of it went straight to the trash thanks to the actions of a few. But why Method got completely cancelled while Twitch, doing similar things, is untouchable? 

The same reason why the US Gymnastics keeps training woman today. They are involved with bigger players than just the public. Method is a famous team with their biggest concerns around sponsors and streamers, both of them didn't hesitate to leave, even though there was "15 years of progress". They did something wrong, it's done, people will find another big team to sponsor or partner with.

The US Gymnastics, like any other big industry leader, was attached to huge players like the US Olympics Committee and the FBI. So cancelling them would be impossible. Twitch, today, IS gaming... you have to be naive to think they don't have relationships with the biggest players out there. Good luck convincing Amazon that a moral change should be the priority for Twitch. They will fire the problem and on to the next thing.

The reality of it all
There will always be a group of people taking advantage of an unjust situation and harm it even more. Just like protesting against racism brought people looting the shit out of stores, here, there will be woman falsely accusing man of sexual harassment, harming innocent people and the stories of the true affected ones.

Not gonna lie, the industry has some f^cked up people around. But there's a lot of good too. The support I've seen to all the woman affected has been incredible, we'll solve injustice faster than most industries, and this is why:

Gaming's founding ground was created by people who got rejected their entire lives, which generated sick personalities looking for revenge after gaming became popular and rich, but it also built a huge amount of leaders who empathized with the idea of rejection and created a company or a team upon the values of inclusion.

Companies leading our industry still have bad people inside, but I believe the majority are good. Their mistake was to remain voiceless for the ones who got their rights stolen. Now, they know a change could be made if they speak, and it has to be immediate.

Streamers' biggest W, ever.


  • Microsoft buys Mixer.
  • Mixer signs Ninja for $30M.
  • Mixer signs Shroud for $10M.
  • Mixer has no growth. Twitch and Youtube Gaming grow, a lot.
  • Twitch and Youtube Gaming keep growing, a lot.
  • Mixer ceases operations, Facebook Gaming buys it.

To have in mind

Facebook Gaming offered $60M to Ninja and $20-$30 to Shroud for the remaining of the contract with them (via Slasher).

Both of them are represented by the same agency,
Loaded, which rejected the offer and told Mixer to payout the original contract and sayonara mother f^ckers. Now, Ninja and Shroud will receive another millionaire payment from Twitch or Youtube, since they are free agents.

  • Ninja, Shroud and Loaded got the biggest W we've ever seen.
  • Imagine how promising Facebook Gaming's future looks like, if streamers are rejecting $80M offers like it was a pair of dirty socks. All the mid-small streamers will go back to Twitch or Youtube too.
In fairness though, Mixer brought the element of competition to a solid monopoly. That little pressure made Twitch improve their experience and Youtube to get some ground + the concept of exclusive contracts with streamers.

 🔍 What else is there?

🙌  Prove them wrong. Jason Lake was heavily critiqued by dropping his CS:GO team last year and building a new one from scratch. 10 years since the last time Complexity won a title, so imagine all the trash talking he had to go through. Jason showed everybody what perseverance, leadership and dreams can do. Here's the reaction when they won, tears of a role model.

🆕  Pokemon Unite. Pokemon announced a new MOBA mode for Switch and every mobile device. I'll get cancelled here... its really exciting, but it kinda looks like shit.

🧃  Gotta diversify. Acer is not just about laptops and monitors anymore. They're now making their own energy drink.

🍭  FaZe Clan x Manchester City. Here's their latest collab.

🤩  Welcome, sir. David Beckham is one of us now. Co-founder of Guild Esports.

🕺  Fornite Experimental: next steps. Fortnite's ongoing concert series adds Diplo, Young Thug and Noah Cyrus to the artists list and today the Party Royale's island will air Christopher Nolan's feature movies.

👵  Elders' Spotlight. Japan will open an esports facility for elderly people.

🇰🇷  Always applying. After the LCK announced moving to a franchised format, 21 teams applied to be part of it.


 💰 Investments & Partnerships



  • EA secures La Liga in FIFA for another decade.
  • SMITE partners with Nickelodeon to bring Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • AI esports startup raises $1.3 in seed funding.
  • Chicago Huntsmen announces a new partnership with Scuf Gaming.
  • Team Heretics collabs with Uber Eats.
  • Overwolf acquires CurseForge from Twitch.
  • Unikrn and GRID partner to launch Esports Millions.
  • NRG partners with the National Guard.
  • Dash Radio and Nothin' But Net announce partnership with NBA 2K.
  • VENN partners with Blackbird for video production.
  • FACEIT to launch esports collegiate division.
  • Wolves looking into Rocket League entry.

📈 Stats

Mobile Shooter: Most downloads in first 265 days
BLAST Premiere Spring: Viewership EU/NA


 🍿 Esports Highlights

CSGO / BLAST Premiere Spring Finals / Europe
🥇Complexity Gaming |  2 - 1  | Team Vitality | HL

CSGO / BLAST Premiere Spring Finals / North America
🥇Evil Geniuses |  2 - 0  | MIBR | HL

CDL / Paris Home Series Final
🥇Florida Mutineers |  3 - 0  | Atlanta Faze | HL

LOL / Spring Split Rank 1 Teams
↔️ Cloud9 (LCS)
↔️ Rogue (LEC)
↔️ DragonX (LCK)
↔️ Top Esports (LPL)
↔️ All Knights (LLA)

OWL / Regular Season Week 20 Rank 1 Teams
↔️ Shanghai Dragons (Pacific Conference)
↔️ Philadelphia Fusion (Atlantic Conference)


💎 Gem of the Week 

Fnatic x Gucci

After seeing the Fnatic League of Legends' team hanging out at Gucci events earlier this year, the true partnership was just a matter of time.

Reality is that Fnatic lands insane sponsors, marketing campaigns, esports titles and memorable content because of the staff behind the brand

They have a mix of technical people who know exactly what they are doing, combined with crazy and creative people with no fear of trying new things, plus a partnerships' team who knows how to properly talk to the world about gaming. I've recently work with them, can confirm staff is their biggest asset.

If you're looking at gaming and esports, if you're looking at Europe, shit... it you're looking global. Start with Fnatic. 

Collab video


 🗓 Upcoming Events

June 22 - July 5 / CS_Summit 6 EU & NA
June 26 - 28 / Valorant Ignition Series x North Africa Invitational
June 26 - 28 / Valorant Ignition Series NA x T1 & Nerd St Gamers
July 2 - 3 / Valorant Ignition Series x GGTech Invitational
July 2 - 5 / Valorant Ignition Series NA x T1 & Pacific Open
July 10 - 12 / CDL New York Subliners Home Series
July 12 / Ubisoft Forward
July 14 / Unreal Fest Online
July 17 - 26 / DreamHack Open feat. Fortnite

These are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Social Media Manager (Mexico-Chile) — Rivalry
🇲🇽 Remote, Mexico

Social Media Planner — Scuff Gaming
🇺🇸 Georgia, USA
Regional Market Manager — PlayVS
🇺🇸 New York, USA
Marcom Lead, Apex Legends — Electronic Arts
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA

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