SEP 16 | EDITION #117
GM. Hope you had a great week, welcome to the new subs. I have to say that I just checked who subscribed after a long time without doing it, and daaaaaaamn we have some nice folks in here. People I admire a lot. New people from Twitter, Google, FaZe, Envy, and more. Not sure if y’all are fucking lost or whats going on. Either way, let’s dive in. 

This week:
  • Enjoy streaming as it is, because it might change.
  • New game trailers everywhere.
  • Nintendo and Sony dropping updates.
  • Hideo Kojima with a juicy teaser.
But first...
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🍺 Beer Talk 

📺 You’re in Control, Don’t Lose It
I had somewhat of a catharsis moment while navigating Twitch waters the other day. As a viewer, I think that the personalization of streams is incredible, and underrated. I hate to compare it with TV or other mediums, but it really comes down to having control.

The streamer is in control of how content is going to look like, what people can say in the chat, the frequency… everything. So for example, when I look at Tyler1’s stream, the first thing that comes to mind is that this fucker could do such a better job and make so much more money. His gaming setup has no lights, he bullies his viewers, doesn’t care about people who donates, ignores possible sponsors. But yet… I am still in his stream along with 30K people.

The majority of viewers gravitate towards streamers who have the content business relationship down to a T, which makes sense, because it generates opportunities around the community. Streamers like NICKMERCS, Dr Lupo, TimTheTatman, and Pokimane. 

I don’t know if it’s just me but it starts to feel corporate. It’s something I thought was never imaginable, now I can’t start to see a way in which streaming goes monotonous.

Sometimes I like to watch edgy streamers who are funny and don’t give a shit about structure because it makes the platform unique and offers a sense of ownership, not just for the streamer but also for us viewers.

Streaming is still in early days, that’s my fear. When traditional media, corporations and the world finally accepts it, Twitch and YouTube might be forced to some limits that will cut streamers’ uniqueness. You might see edgy streamers as a disease for the platform, as long as they don't go extreme, I see them as the main element to stay away from being replaced by something else.

💣 New Games & Trailers
SPIDER-MAN 2 — Trailer
GOD OF WAR: RAGNAROK — Trailer & Gameplay
WOLVERINE — Teaser Trailer
DEATHLOOP — Spotlight
GRAN TURISMO 7 — Trailer

📼 Video of the Week
The Heist Finale, League of Legends 100 Thieves.

🧨 Nintendo lil Hub
People were not asking Nintendo to design a rocket to compete with Elon or Jeff. They just wanted bluetooth audio for the Switch, and it happened, it really did. Also, the Nintendo GameCube turned 20 years old, I’m sorry I just did us dirty like that. We’re old. 

🏆 Esports Highlights
💡 Idea of the Week
The absolute goat, Hideo Kojima, a Japanese video game developer, just broke my brain a little bit. In a talk with An-An magazine, he said:
“What I want to do are games that change in real-time. Even as we’ve finally got people of various ages and occupations from all around the world playing the same game, everyone, and I mean everyone, is playing the same. Instead of that, I want to make something that changes based on where a person lives or how they think.”

Oh lordy.

🟦 What’s New at the Station 
Fresh updates for the PlayStation 5 that I don’t have are available:
  • 3D audio support for built-in TV speakers.
  • Expand storage with an M.2 SSD.
  • Controller customization.
  • Chat w/ people directly from Game Base.
  • Use your phone as a controller. 

🐦 Tweet of the Week
Playing games for fun or to feel bad, by Matthew Ball.

🏳️ It’s Not All Bad
The last couple of years have been rough for the Dota 2 community, man. Viewership went down the toilet, several personalities got cancelled because of sexual harassment, COVID hit, and legends retired. Some light is finally starting to appear again, I guess. 

🎯 (Quickly) Explained: Apple vs. Epic Games
We close the chapter with:
  • Judge Yvonne giving a W to Apple while pinching their balls just a bit.
  • She said Apple was not a monopoly, and that Epic couldn’t present enough evidence for monopolist behavior, pretty much because success is not illegal. 
  • It was also decided that Epic breached contract, and that shit costs 30% of the $12M earned from the Epic Direct Payment System, + interests.
  • However, she ruled that from now on, developers will be able to say that there are other payment options for consumers besides going through Apple.
  • Apple’s stock went down 3%, Epic appealed the ruling, and Tim Sweeney had things to say on Twitter. 


 🥶 Collabs

JuJu Smith-Schuster x Nerd Street
Lego x Super Mario

 🥢 Take a Bite

💎 Gems of the Week



 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

  • 1047 Games raises $100M at a $1.5B valuation.
  • Lando Norris’ esports org partners with Elgato.
  • Immutable raises $60M for NFT games on Ethereum.
  • TinyBuild acquires Bad Pixel for $17.1M.
  • Team Liquid collabs with IMC.
  • Misfits Gaming Group announces partnership with Thece.
  • Cloud9 partners with Dusty for Worlds.
  • MIBR unveils partnership with Itaú Unibanco.

📊 Important Stats (That Most times I Don't Understand)

Cloud Gaming in Asia, report by Niko Partners.
Humankind is August's best-selling PC game.

😂 Fuckery Snack

He might be onto something...

🗓 Upcoming Events

Sep 14 - 17 / XDS21 Adapt

Sep 15 - 17 / Games Industry Law Summit

Sep 16 - 19 / Gen Con

Sep 16 - 19 / BLAST Premiere Fall

Sep 23 - 24 / Good Game Fest

Sep 25 / TUDUM by Netflix

Sep 25 / Tokyo Game Show 2021

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