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It's Friday my good peeps, this week:
  • Big Data: Youtube Trending List
  • EVO's reality-face-slap
  • The MTV of gaming and esports
  • Stats: all things Brazil.
  • Gem of the Week: Adidas Japan x Pokemon.

 🔥 Good Stuff


Big Data: Youtube Trending List

Youtube's Trending List is more important than you think. It could change the course of companies' marketing campaigns, a product launch, announcements or anything really. Data scientist, Ammar Alyousfi, analyzed all +70K US trending videos from 2019, and came through with a bunch of interesting findings.

The first trendy moment
Some of them are predictable, like events, game launches or new singles, but others aren't. You will be surprised with what trends the most. 

  • Minimum amount: 53,796 views.
  • Average amount: 1,387,466 views.
  • Median: 777,510 views.

How long can you stay there?
The list gets updated every 15 minutes. Some videos stay there for one, two or three days. However, some of them stuck in there for 30 days. The only six videos to achieve that in 2019 were related to: 1x Gaming (yes, it was about Fortnite), 1x Music, 2x Entertainment, 1x Comedy and 1x Film & Animation. 

Most trendy channels of 2019
Technology and cooking channels trending left and right. The current growth of cooking, tech reviews and music channels on Twitch come a long way.
- Linus Tech Tips (365 videos)
- Binging with Babish (361 videos)
- Bon Appétit (355 videos)
- The King of Random
- Marques Brownlee
- First We Feast
- Good Mythical Morning
- Skip and Shannon: Undisputed
- Unbox Therapy
  • Entertainment: 20,849 videos (28,6%)
  • Music: 10,236 videos (14%)
  • Sports: 7,565 videos (10,4%)

The gaming industry exploded with hype last year, but it was mostly related to a single title: Fortnite. Covid will play a big role on how the list is going to look like next year, gaming will definitely jump from 8th to the first rows, but it'll be interesting to know which ones from the trendy videos are related to streaming, esports, launches, events, collabs or highlights.

For esports teams and companies in gaming
Lately, most of you are relying more on hiring both influential and up-and-coming streamers rather than pure pro gaming talent. Since single streamers are pulling out more views and sales than entire organizations. 

The report shows best practices on copywriting, colors, descriptions, thumbnails, scheduling and much more. Use it as a resource for your personalities.

Playing peekaboo with sexual harassment

Watching the news this week got me thinking... What has a predatory nest, no structure and control, man-child leaders, and should not be organized ever again? EVO.

The Fighting Game Community is finally getting exposed. More than 50 accusations against well-known people, from pros to the CEO of their most important tournament of the year. Several high profile FGC players and publishers (Capcom, NetherRealm, Bandai Namco) already ditched any type of relationship they had with EVO. 

Just a matter of time
Let's be clear about something. The lack of structuresponsorsviewership and publisher involvement compared to other esports, made grassroots FGC "leaders" to organize the scene all these years without giving a f^ck about repercussions.

This is good, long term. We have to clean the disease first, in order to pursue full potential later on with people who actually works hard to build a healthy and competitive scene. To understand the bigger picture of what woman have been going through all these years, I talked about it a couple editions ago.


The MTV of gaming and esports?

What was done for the music industry back in '81, its trying to be achieved for gaming today, by VENN. We heard about it first in late-Sep 2019, and this week, they announced the platform's launch for Aug 5th.

People involved are somin' else
An ambitious project for a difficult audience. If you're trying to make numbers in your head right now on how much it will cost to build this... think bigger, way bigger. But let's start on a positive note: the people behind it.

The founders Ariel Horn and Ben Kusin received investments from BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, aXiomatic Gaming, Marc Merill (co-owner of Riot Games), Mike Morhaime (co-founder of Blizzard), Kevin Lin (co-founder of Twitch) and more.

Pushing the boundaries 
A 24/7 streaming and esports platform. Their tasty wallets and influence gave them easy access to legit people running the shows, the thing is that VENN's success won't come from specific talent but 100% from unique content... unless they hire Slasher (he already killed Mixer, get him on-board before it's too late).

MTV found success because they pushed the shit out the boundaries from the content-artists' relationship when nobody was even brave enough to say their names. These guys will have to risk it and be constantly testing for new ways to brainf^ck viewers with disruption.

To have in mind

  • Gaming is completely involved with culture now. They can collab with music, sports, cinema. Huge advantage.
  • At the moment, everything is dispersed. Gaming shows are all over the place on Twitch, Youtube and personalities' channels. It's like podcasts a year ago before Spotify started to invest in audio.

It all comes down to content though. If they offer the same talkshow, podcast or roundtable but in a fancier studio, people won't care more than a semester.

Time to get creative, VENN. Crazy ideas will get you loyal and brave sponsors. 


 🔍 What else is there?

👉  A must read. Richard Lewis' piece on mental health and social media.

🐃  BWW Esports? Buffalo Wild Wings is trademarking "The Official Sports Bar of Esports".

🍯  Near the record. The International 10 prize pool is already at +$28 million.

🙌  It's almost here. Halo 3 comes out on July 14th.

🔫  Amazon's new pick. Fallout TV series = Amazon Originals.

Fortnite x We The People. Let's talk about race in America.

🎞  Pokemon Go views
. They got a trailer from The Last Jedi's Director. 

✍️  Who is gonna get him? For now, Ninja is playing buddies with Youtube.

🔑  Gucci x Fnatic. The game-collab has been released.

🔦  Spotlight: EPOS Headset. New premium gaming headset.

 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

Sony buys $250 million stake (1.4%) in Epic Games


  • HyperX continues partnership with Pittsburgh Knights.
  • Fortnite partners with Marvel: Captain America.
  • Dignitas teams up with ExpressVPN.
  • ENCE partners with Telia.
  • Caffeine secures $113 million in Series D.
  • The Chiefs Esports signs deal with L'Olréal Paris.
  • SteelSeries partners with Barrage.
  • 11 Bit Studios commits $21m to production of seven games.
  • Athlane raises $3.3m including investors like Y Combinator, NE Patriots.

📈 Stats

Esports in Brazil


 🍿 Esports Highlights

League of Legends

Spring Split / Rank 1 Teams

Cloud9 (LCS)
🔺 Rogue (LEC)
🔺 DAMWON Gaming (LCK)
Top Esports (LPL)


cs_summit 6 / NA / HLs
🥇Evil Geniuses | 3 - 0 | Gen.G

cs_summit 6 / EU / HLs

🥇BIG | 3 - 2 | Team Vitality 

Overwatch League

Week 22 / Rank 1 Teams

Shanghai Dragons (Pacific)
Philadelphia Fusion (Atlantic)


Ignition Series GGTech / LATAM

🥇Estral Esports / LA North
🥇Rebirth Esports / LA South
Call of Duty League

Week 9 / Rank 1 Team

Atlanta FaZe 

NBA 2K League

Week 9 / Rank 1 Team

Raptors Uprising GC


💎 Gem of the Week 

Adidas Japan x Pokemon: Full Collection

 🗓 Upcoming Events

July 8, 15-16, 22-23 / Twitch Rivals: Rift Series Spirit Blossom
July 10 - 12 / Valorant Ignition Series Vitality European Open
July 10 - 12 / CDL New York Subliners Home Series
July 11 / Wiz and Friends Charity Stream
July 12 / Ubisoft Forward
July 14 / Unreal Fest Online
July 15-19 / We Play! Valorant Invitational
July 17 - 26 / DreamHack Open feat. Fortnite
July 20 / Xbox Series X Games Showcase 

These are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Director of Audience Development — FaZe Clan
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA
Director of Marketing / Director, Apparel — Guild Esports
🇬🇧 London, UK

Full Time
Director, Sponsorships — Gen.G
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA

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