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  • A curated list of the best esports documentaries.
  • Twitch's work log reaction to competitors.
  • Epic Games unveiling the future of game graphics. 
  • BLAST Premiere getting some dough.
  • P/S: A new initiative in the Coffee Thoughts section.
MAY 15 | WEEKLY #51 
Martin from MTG & Seth from Simple Focus

 🔥 Good Stuff

Understanding where we come from

Can't believe I haven't hook you up with naughty gaming documentaries yet, specially with Covid f^cking everything up. Two reasons why I'm highlighting docs:

  1. The topics for this week were all about esports drama and I wasn't feeling it.
  2. It doesn't matter how successful you had been with other industries, you need to understand esports' true environment in order to manage campaigns and strategies, invest or even network. This content will help.
How to look at it?

Accept the fact that this community started as an underground movement like any other industry, meaning... you'll have your "that shit is weird" moments, however, expand your mind and be willing to embrace new aspects of motivation, goals, lifestyle and you'll 100% see better results in your business. Esports needs your expertise.

In a world where people thought watching others play football (soccer) was stupid, do you know who earned respect and made serious money first? Not the ones who just wanted to mimic their successful Athletics campaigns into football, but the ones who constantly talked to players and fans and recreated a hybrid with the models of one world, empathized with the culture from the new one.


The Smash Brothers — Smash Bros

True Sight: The International 2017, 2018, 2019 — Dota 2

Netflix: League of Legends Origins — LoL 

Netflix: 7 Days Out, Episode 6 — LoL

G4M3RS — Counter-Strike

A Brief Story — Counter-Strike

Rise of the Fighting Game Community — FGC

History of Call of Duty Esports (4 Parts) — FGC

Amazon Prime: State of Play — Starcraft

Free to Play — Dota 2

Going for Gold, FaZe Clan — CSGO

Breaking Point, Team Liquid — LoL

TSM Legends Season 5 Final Episode — LoL

Against the Odds: OG's Underdog Story — Dota 2

The Art of Street Fighting — Street Fighter

Live/Play Miniseries — LoL

Amazon Primer: CODumentary — Call of Duty

If I missed some them, send the names please!
Our industry isn't coming back like yours is

A great piece by Nicholas Rivero, who takes us into the events production lifestyle. Personally speaking, the most passionate, humble, hardworking people I meet in the industry are involved in one way or another with events production.

There're a lot of things a single person could do... events is not one of those. It requires a team assembled as one, creating a giant behind-the-scenes echosystem with the spotlight directed to the fans. Admirable people, admirable jobs. It's a together experience.
Twitch is moving fast

After Popdog went live, Twitch finally started to make their developers work. We talked about this a couple NLs ago. 

Twitch knows that most people will keep watching streams on their website no matter what, because of the simple fact that we'll always want to use the original source for content. This relates to most products out there, except from those based on money difference or stock availability like Goat, StockX or Heat.

However, Popdog still holds the advantage of being a better looking page able to have every single streaming platform in the same spot. Making Twitch somewhat vulnerable, so... they reacted.

Twitch's work log since Popdog's Beta:

 🔍 What else is there?

🙌  The future of gaming graphics. Epic Games and its CEO Tim Sweeney brought Unreal Engine to life in 1995. Now, they revealed a new look for games using Unreal Engine 5. It's f^cking ridiculous. 

🦾  Fortnite stepping up. Epic announced that Fortnite will be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X built with Unreal Engine 4 scheduled to transition to Unreal Engine 5 in mid 2021.

🥊  It's finally here. Everything you need to know about EVO 2020 Online.

🎙  Coronavirus and Esports. I know you must be sick about Covid, but this podcast has interesting people like Alban Dechelotte from Riot Games and Julian Tan from F1 throwing some facts.

🆕  Changes. Latest updates from ESL Pro Tour on Starcraft II and Warcraft III.

💳  Cross-buckerinos. Understanding Animal Crossings' monetization.

 💰 Investments & Partnerships

BLAST raises €12.5M in funding


  • Sim Racing org, Team Redline, partners with creative agency Triple.
  • Cloud9 partners with Kaiser Permanente.
  • Blitz Studios closes $20M Series B for Sleeper, Esports Fantasy Game.
  • FACIT to control Rainbow Six Siege esports scene in NA.
  • Chicago Huntsmen's new partnership with Popeyes.
  • MAD Lions renews partnership with GSIC.
  • Chiefs Esports Club signs deal with Menulog.
  • Samsung partners with Team Envy and Dallas Fuel.
  • Gamers Origin partners with G-Science.
  • AI coaching platform, Leetify, raises $972K seed investment.
  • BT Sport teams up with Gfinity for FIFA esports series.

📈 Stats

Most popular tournaments in April
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PlayStation 4 sales reaches $110M

☕️ Coffee Thoughts

These NL's barely cover drama, because honestly, I think is a waste of time. But... TSM's conflict of interest and FaZe's gambling stories (and much more to come) are teaching us a lot about esports and gaming.

The problem with drama goes to how brain consuming it is. It reminds me to those Netflix true crime documentaries, when they are about to get into a key part of the crime but they suddenly jump to a random f^cking person that goes "I met Gregory before he was a killer back in 1965, he collected stamps"... damn, get to the point!

So, I just found a fun, quick and creative way to summarize these stories for you to be informed without being invested. It would be in a different email that I could send once in a while on a random day of the week.

Let me see where you guys at with this:

Yes let's do it     No, I don't care


💎 Gem of the Week

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 & 2: Remaster Trailer
  • It looks great. Childhood memories are hitting hard.
  • All original skaters, levels, maps and music are here.
  • Create a Park mode is back.
  • Several ways to play the game.

 🗓 Upcoming Events

LA Games Conference / May 20-22
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Fortnite FNCS Grand Finals / May 22-24
Mid-Season Cup: LCK vs LPL / Kickoff May 28

These are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Senior Partnerships Manager  Team Liquid
🇺🇸 Santa Monica, USA
Director Marketing Partnerships — 2K
🇺🇸 Novato, USA
12 Months Contract
League of Legends General Manager — G2 Esports
🇩🇪 Berlin, Germany

DevOps Engineer — Esports Engine
🇺🇸 Columbus, USA


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