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Sports games in trouble and streaming music gets a new bundle, but first...
MAY 8 | WEEKLY #50

Daria from Devils One and Katrina from LME Group

 🔥 Good Stuff


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Toxicity & Gaming

Imagine a world in which you're playing as a wide receiver for a football team and every time you can't catch the ball, no matter how hard or easy the pass, your own team will flame the living shit out of you, your familiy, your race and sexuality, and then tell the other team "wide receiver diff".

Let me go back for a little bit. 

A few days ago, Voyvoy, well-known League of Legends streamer, recorded a 9 min video explaining how insanely toxic the community is. He is right, this happens in most games, but specially in League.

👉  It's simple

Toxicity comes in different ways, but the common ones are:

  • Flaming people for x reasons.
  • Trying to lose the game on purpose for x reasons.
We can't really compare it to sports can we? The second somebody flames a teammate like that, everybody will physically f^ck that person up, and if he/she is trying to lose the game on purpose in pro, amateur or friendly games the coach will simply replace them, or then again, they will get in a fight.

Sports demonstrated that motivated bonded teams are the key for success.

👉  It's not that simple

But hold on... here it comes the factor of anonymity
the wonderful place where people grab their ego insecurities, turbulent thoughts, existential problems and f^cked up personalities and dump them at once to the next anonymous person. 

Part of the game right? Well... no for everybody.

It's still a community, where a bunch of people would also use it as:
  • A platform to work as a streamer or pro player.
  • A healthy scape from reality, if reality isn't looking good.
  • A way to improve themselves as competitors, teammates and friends.
  • A place to find new friends to fight loneliness. 
  • A place to have fun.

🎯 Facts
  1. Riot Games knew about this for years. Since they didn't do much, the toxic behaviour became the "normal" and nasty verbal abuse the "that's a bit much".
  2. They used to have a player-base in love with the game, and now they have a player-base addicted to the game, with no fear to be banned.
  3. I'm sure several Riot employees have been trying to approach this issue but high ranks have been kicking its priority like there's no tomorrow. 

💡 What's the solution?

In my personal opinion, I still love the game and I do love Riot as a publisher, and toxicity is a society problem reflected in games, so we can't ask Riot to completely solve it. However, other games are less toxic which means that Riot isn't doing enough. If it happened with League, it could happen with Valorant.

🧧 My two cents
  • Drop your ego, seek external help from both third parties and players. 
  • Don't approach the problem as "these are just a couple of bad apples", instead, assume the reality that a huge % of your player-base is toxic and empahize with them to understand how to fix it.
  • Create forms where players could send solutions to solve toxicity and I guarantee you that from hundreds of shitty ideas you will find two or three that will blow your mind.

 🔍 What else is there?

🏈  Lacking. How to approach innovation for sports games in the esports department? A different player on the cover and a couple minor changes won't be enough anymore to grow viewership.

🟢  Medium-key yikes. Xbox Series X "gameplay" had its first look. Gamers' salt levels got high once they realize it wasn't gameplay at all, just cinematic cuts. But hey... we got Patrick Mahomes talking about Madden 21.

🇲🇽  Gillete Infinity Gaming. One of the most important orgs in Latin America. Great people work in here. Have a look inside the team with ESPN.

🎮  Esports & STEM Education. Good piece by Andrew Raupp.

👊  Oldie but goodie. The Smash Brothers' 9 episodes documentary was released in 2013. I just watched it and it's incredible. If you're outside the realm of the FGC like me, believe me, it's worth.

💸  T H R E E  B I L L I O N. EA reports $3B profit for its fiscal year.

🔫  Apex's new drip. The 2019's most downloaded free-to-play game for PS4 (not anymore) has its Season 5 premiere today.

🎧  Calling music creators. Soundcloud and Twitch are launching a weekly show for artists, creatives and listeners.

😮  FaZe BiZ inverview. BIG Esports interviewed Clinton Sparks, FaZe Clan's VP of Business Dev. Cool piece of content to understand how are they killin' the game.

🌈  Rainbow reality. Here you have a video summary of wtf is happening with Rainbow 6 Siege. 

⚔️  The Aftermatch. Mortal Kombat 11 expansion announcement is out.

 💰 Investments & Partnerships

Activision Blizzard x Sportradar


  • ESL One Birmingham partners with SAP.
  • Warriors Gaming join forces with Wingstop.
  • AndaSeat signs as exclusive gaming chair partner with Fnatic.
  • Commonwealth Games Federation partners with Global Esports Federation.
  • Noblechairs signs partnership with Team Heretics.
  • Rocket League EU Spring Series partners with BBC Sport.
  • Houston Outlaws renews partnership with Gamestop.
  • Misfits and Florida Mutineers partner with supplementary provider, D2D.
  • Dazzle Rocks raises $6.8M for new game.
  • Enthusiast Gaming and G-Fuel forge multi-year partnership.
  • NBA2K secures broadcast deal with ESPN.
  • ReKTGlobal partners with TalentX.

📈 Stats

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Party Royale Premiere: May 8

☕️ Coffee Thoughts

Pewdiepie signed an exclusive streaming deal with Youtube 💲. I love that he is the vivid example of losing lucrative deals because of "controversial content" but gaining even juicier deals because of "controversial content".

💎 Gem of the Week

Micky Retro's $250K gaming collection

 🍿 Esports Highlights

🥇Gen.G / Valorant / T1 x NSG Invitational / HL 📼
🥇JD Gaming / League of Legends / LPL / HL 📼


 🗓 Upcoming Events

USC Games Expo / May 12
European games BizDev Gathering / May 13-14
LA Games Conference / May 20-22

Venues are closed because of COVID-19, these are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Product Manager  Dexerto
🇬🇧 Remote, UK
Esports Executive — Manchester City
🇬🇧 London, UK

Head of Growth — ProGuides
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA


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