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  • Storytelling Time: DMCA.
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  • Rocket League departure list.
  • Stats: GTA V before/after free distribution.
  • Gem of the Week: Collection Edition.
JUNE 11 | WEEKLY #55
Justyna from Fantasy Expo & Skyler from BuzzFeed

 🔥 Good Stuff


DMCA: Storytelling Time

DMCA: Digital Millennium Copyright Act, created in 1998 to protect artists' content from illegal distribution.

Early 2000s: with piracy at it's finest, the DMCA and artists lawsuits (ex: Metallica vs Napster in 2000) became an actual thing.

Today: the law is the same, but the way we consume music (within different industries) and the record labels' approach, changed.

How the DMCA found about Twitch?

Good old Bill was sitting in his office at Universal Music, moving around Youtuber's tears in his coffee with a spoon, when he saw an article about musicians streaming on Twitch because of Covid. So, he opened the website and discovered a new world of billions of hours of content, relevant for million of people and brands. Since Bill's office had a no-nerd-shit-space sign at the door, nobody mention it to him before.

Bill pick's up the phone and dials the DMCA's office number, in order to talk to Eddie. He explains to Ed all his research about E-gAming. Ed goes "I also just noticed i-GaminG Bill, these mother f^ckers have been playing copyrighted music in their videos for years, and they also do it live".

They quickly get in a zoom meeting with Lorie from Warner, where she goes "ahh...y'll calling late... give me a sec, let me open the Vacations to Bora-Bora GGWP DMCA folder to highlight a couple points".

On the other side, Twitch HQ, who magically ignored the idea of record labels ever changing their minds about nerd-shit, received a messenger pigeon from the DMCA stating that Universal and Warner will be looking into all creators' archives from 2017-2019 and they will give three strikes to every streamer who used copyrighted music, if they get all three, their account will be deleted.

So... Twitch gave the community a spam of time equal to zero days to adapt to the situation, resulting in streamers having to delete everything they have done so far.

  • Tools were created to delete all clips at once.
  • The ones who questioned Eddie's power, received strikes.
  • Twitch's new only-music section is a DMCA's picnic now.
  • Universal and Warner managed to also distribute live DMCAs

🤔 Two Views

Music has never been the main value for a streamer to get fans. The value goes to everything else on the stream making a case of fair-use of music. Is not like people will be saying "OMFG I can hear Drake's songs for free during Ninja's stream, I win against the system!" People watch the game, and the music eliminates Ninja's awkward silences really. 

The other view goes to streamers choosing music to create a certain type of vibe to the stream which adds to the value of it, making background music an add-on feature, and record labels are not being paid for that.

Like it or not, the law has always been there and this was obviously coming. For young streamers to not think about it... I get it, but for old-ass grown ups to be surprised and for Twitch to never ever communicate it or had a plan prepared and just wait until the moment it happens, is hard to understand. 

More regulations will come, we can take Youtube as a mirror.

👍 How can we solve it?

For copyrighted music, there're only two right-holders: the ones who record the music and the song-writers. Sometimes is the same person, but sometimes there're several right-holders to a song. So, in order to be gucci, you need a sycronization license, which is really hard to get, unless you're Eddie's kid. 
  1. Not using music isn't an option, streamers will depend on non-copyrighted songs. The value of independent artists and companies like Epidemic Music and Artlist will grow.
  2. They will have to pray for artists to start acting above the DMCA and record labels. Some are already doing it. The dream would be for several artists to come together, go against the DMCA for this occasion and make a push to create adaptable laws regarding the music-streaming relationship.

It's just starting...

How has Call of Duty evolved?

In the second episode of Essential Esports Podcast, Montecristo interviewed the two most important people in Call of Duty, H3cz and Hastro. A must watch if you want to understand COD in general.

Key moments

The community was built 15 years ago out of forums. For a long time they didn't have sponsors, SteelSeries was one of the first ones.

Major League Gaming was part of the glory days, gathering COD, LoL, Smash, Starcraft 2 and Halo competitions under one building. Also, fans had the expectations of both watching the pros and play amateur tournaments in the same event. This maintained the grassroots environment.

Before, they wouldn't get support from the developer. Now, the people behind the CDL are listening to owners and players' feedback and adapting in less than 48 hs.

The partnership with Youtube means partnering with Google, which will be beneficial for the long term. The whole CDL model is strongly based in long term objectives.

 🔍 What else is there?

5️⃣  The Future of Gaming? The PS5 showcase was this week. For the true gamers, here is the show. For the lazy ones, here is your recap. And for a cool new-games-image-thread, go here.

🔦  Spotlight: Juked x Discord. Juked Esports added a Discord Bot to their list of features. Really cool honestly, this is how it works.

🎰  Let's talk about betting. The New York Times still can't write esports correctly, it blows my mind. Anyways, they did a nice job with this article about betting and esports.

  The HooliganZ. Barstoon started their own esports organziation. 

👋  Another goodbye. Cloud 9 announced their departure from Rocket League. After the hype before Corona and viewership numbers thrown all over the news, you might think it was like wonderland. However, we see a Cloud 9 joining the big list of RL departures: CLG, Complexity Gaming, Fnatic, Chiefs, TSM, EG, AS Monaco, Flyquest, PSG, Team Secret, Veloce, and more.

 💰 Investments & Partnerships

Gen.G x Puma


  • Head & Shoulders will sponsor G2 Arctic.
  • Luckbox raises $3.8M CAD.
  • Samsung partners with the LCS.
  • KitKat becomes a main partner for the LEC. 
  • Secretlab partners with the LEC.
  • BLAST Premiere collaborates with Smiley for exclusive collection.
  • Dreamhack enters multi-year partnership with Elgiganten.
  • MAD Lions partners with Kappa.
  • BoomTV raises $10M led by BITKRAFT.
  • Prime League (LoL Germany, Austria, Switzerland) partners with Levi's.
  • Dignitas teams up with SIG.
  • SK Gaming and HYLO Fresh extend partnership. 
  • Virtual concert firm Wave lands $30M Series B round.

📈 Stats

GTA V: before/after going free

GTA V was going through an increase of hours watched between December 2019 with 38.7M to April 2020 with 75.1M. Once they release the free month distribution in May, it went almost to 90M throughout: 

☕️ Coffee Thoughts

  • The Last Dance was edited by four people and a director. The NBA gave these guys complete access to their archives. Because of how much footage they have in, using photos to show historic moments was barely needed. Esports is rich in video content and video talent too, it will be interesting to see who is the first investor to believe in award winning content and put the money needed to create something like that, because we're full of insane stories but also full of people putting money in the wrong places.
  • Think about animals. Now think about Pokemon. Everybody imagines them as cute mascots, but if they were real, mascots are the last thing they would be. They are animals with powers, I can already see them being exploited for resources, caged in zoos or even served in fancy restaurants. Sorry, I think I just f^cked your fantasies. 

💎 Gem of the Week  Collection Edition

LOVE HULTÉN - Arcade Coffee Table
New additions to ArcadeUp1 line

 🗓 Upcoming Events

EVO Registration / June 5-28
Dreamhack Masters Spring Playoffs / June 8-14
LCS and LEC Summer Split / June 12
BLAST Premiere: Spring Finals / June 15-21
LCK Summer Split / June 17
Gamers for Equality by 100T / June 18 - July 9
Ubisoft Forward / July 12

These are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Senior Account Manager — Discord
🇺🇸 San Francisco, USA
Games Editor — Apple
🇨🇳 Shanghai, China

Lead Product Designer — PlayVS
🇺🇸 Los Angeles, USA

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