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  • Takeaway: Fortnite's new live experience.
  • EA's main announcements.
  • Google Maps' big gaming update.
  • Stats: PS5, The Future of Gaming.
  • Gem of the Week: Branding Edition.
JUNE 19 | WEEKLY #56
Diego from Whalers & Steve from Sony

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Fortnite: The Device

Another Fortnite live experience making a difference. This time, the event had more than 8.4M people watching across Twitch and Youtube.

But what really keeps brainf^cking me is to see how independent streamers are collecting way more viewership, engagement and profits compared to entire teams and tournaments. A single person from a room... and people still wonder why streaming platforms pay so much money for streamer-exclusivity. 

In other news, Epic Games' future funding is so juicy that they could be able to build the real version of the Stark Tower if they want.

EA Play Live Announcements

They are back. They. Are. Back. SKATE. IS. BACK.

Apex Legends
Available for Nintendo Switch and Steam + crossplay between all platforms.

Squadrons is a new FPS coming Oct 4th for PS4, XboX and PC + Virtual Reality.

Rocket Arena
New multiplayer hero shooter game coming July 14th.


 🔍 What else is there?

📍  Google Maps Games. GM gaming platform solutions won't be just for their games, now is available for any independent company out there. That means... possible Pokemon + Google Maps. Huge. 

🎧  Artists vs DMCA. Since the DMCA started to f^ck with Twitch last week, we have seen several artists pulling up with free music for streamers. The latest one is T-Pain.

☁️  Zero to Nine. Jack Etienne, Cloud9's CEO and founder, talked about their beginnings, growth and today's esports environment.

🔥 Behind the burn. Richard Lewis did it again. Another great report, this time about Astralis' burnout crisis.

💻  Twitch Studio Beta. There's some love for Mac users too!

🏦  Bank Username. MAD Lions signed a partnership with Imagine Bank, La Caixa's branch for students. What caught my attention was that their debit card will have your in-game name on it. We peaked people, we peaked.

🗣  Snap! If you missed what happened at Pokemon Presents, here you go.

🍗  The fried chicken is present. KFC understood everything. Their gaming campaigns and memes are rarely matched by other brands. 

♟  Chessin'. Yes, Chess is a thing now

🤝 New allies. World Taekwondo and the International Tennis Federation joined the Global Esports Federation.


 💰 Investments & Partnerships

NBA 2K League x GameStop x Tissot x SAP x  Jostens


  • Fnatic partners with streaming platform, Loco.
  • Swedish game developer Stillfront raises €113M in directed share issue.
  • The LCS partners with Verizon.
  • Global Esports Federation enters agreement with ODESUR.
  • Esports Charts join forces with Astralis.
  • Vodafone Giants partners with Red Bull.
  • Volvic signs deal with BIG.
  • Evil Geniuses' new partnership with Motorola.
  • Whitethorn Digital receives $1.2M investment. 
  • Chicago Huntsmen partners with the U.S Army.

📈 Stats

PS5: The Future of Gaming

The Future of Gaming reached 7.2M viewers with four different platforms and had an average concurrent viewership of 4M.
LCS broadcast & viewership: Week 1

☕️ Coffee Thoughts

  • If Vine and Pornhub had sex, Tik Tok would be their child.
  • Your username is greatly wanted by someone out there. This person hates you for being more username-savvy. 
  • Stream embedding to get more views feels like sitcoms using laugh tracks to generate more laughs. I wonder how people felt about track laughs when the first sitcom did it.
  • Fathers, enjoy your weekend. You're awesome.

💎 Gem of the Week  /  Branding Edition

Madden NFL 21 Cover

Lamar Jackson is Madden's new face. The assets were dope: On a side note, the photos used for the cover were taken by Shawn Hubbard, beast of a photographer. Check out his work.
CTRL x FaZe Clan

I was always attached to CTRL because of how they branded and communicated their products, really clean and unique. This partnership is exactly what they needed to reach out the next level + maintaining their style. Skyler Johnson 👏

 🍿 Esports Highlights

CSGO / Dreamhack Masters Spring / Europe
🥇BIG |  2 - 0  | FaZe Clan | HL

CSGO / Dreamhack Masters Spring / North America
🥇FURIA |  2 - 1  | 100 Thieves | HL

Call of Duty / CDL Minnesota Home Series Final
🥇Florida Mutineers |  3 - 1  | Atlanta Faze | HL


 🗓 Upcoming Events

EVO Registration / June 5-28
BLAST Premiere: Spring Finals / June 15-21
Juneteenth Live / June 19
Paris Legion Home Series CDL / June 19-21
Gamelab Live Barcelona / June 24-25
Ubisoft Forward / July 12

❌ TwitchCon San Diego cancelled.

These are all online events.

📣 Cool Jobs

Organized Player Manager — Riot Games
🇬🇧 London, UK
Social Media/Community Specialist — DX Racer
🇺🇸 Whitmore Lake, USA
Creative Operations Global Lead — Twitch
🇺🇸 New York, USA
Head of Finance — Evil Geniuses
🇺🇸 Seattle, USA

Esports Partner Executive — Mercedes-Benz
🇬🇧 Brackley, UK

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