NOV 12 | EDITION #76
What's really good people!
Man I love Thursdays. Big day today, let's dive in.

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Weekly's Future

Not gonna lie, the highs and lows have been real. But I'm here for the next step. Gaming's interaction with culture in 2020 opened up a world of possibilities and creativity for society. This is a big part of the future, and I'm not ready to go yet.

Not a wall, just a hand

I was able to set up a Patreon for Weekly. There, you'll learn everything about how to help and what you can get in exchange. 

Weekly's sauce is in its content curation. For the last year-and-a-half my objective was to curate, design, spice, and summarize the dopest aspects of gaming through a 5-min-read newsletter, every week.

Key Points
  • There won't be a mandatory paywall yet. The main newsletter will continue to be free for everyone, but if you’ve enjoyed the content in the past, and would like to contribute to its future, I hope you’ll consider becoming a patron. Any pledge is a blessing really, and it will be more appreciated than you think.
  • Forget about the coffee mugs and stickers for now. I want to give you something that brings instant value. Digital Assets. The Drinking Buddies Tier is what its at. I'll be taking content curation to the next level for these subscribers.

I have lined up a crazy amount of ideas and resources that will come in different forms of curation. People who subscribe right now will get access to the first one: 

Gaming Collabs 2020

An updatable spreadsheet with a 100 Gaming / Culture collabs in 2020, that is only going to get bigger. Attached with their Twitter announcements, video promos, activations and dates, so you can use it as a resource to explore marketing moves, communication, content and viewership at any time.

This is about feedback. If patreons are looking for specific digital assets, for them and their teams, they will be able to reach out to me on Patreon, and I'll add it to the backlog. Curation as a Service.

Final Thoughts

I'll keep pushing and giving my best, but Patron will be a decisive element for Weekly's future. If you choose to join for the perks or simply because you want to support me... let me tell you that I will be forever grateful.


🔥 Good Stuff

👥 The Membership Train
It's just a matter of time until every major esports team creates a membership club. It will be interesting to see how creative they can get with perks without falling into just another merch discount club.
⚰️ RIP ESPN Esports
ESPN completely cut off the esports division's monthly allowance. Some of the affected ones were Jacob Wolf, Emily Rand and Tyler Erzberger, in my opinion three of the best esports journalist out there. I'm sure they will be just fine, talent is there. As for ESPN, clearly the competitive aspect of gaming wasn't giving them enough money. Well, shit.

🤚 Twitch x Politics
How Hasan Piker took over Twitch during the elections, by the NYT.

🎮  PS5 / Xbox Series X
Check out the main games from both consoles.

🔫  Call of Duty Update
We'll get into OpTic Gaming's owner, Hector, and his finesse timeline on next edition. For now, the news are:
  • Hector reacquires OpTic Gaming's brand from Immortals Gaming Club.
  • Hector's full interview on reviving the brand.
  • 100 Thieves announced their spot in the CDL: LA Thieves.

🩸 The Music Archives
DMCA is truly fucking up streamers left and right, Twitch responded with a post.

✔️ Thread of the Week
Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, sold his business for $532 million, bought it back for $64 million, and turned it into a $42 billion empire. He has a lot more business, including the 100 Thieves. Go down the rabbit hole.

💡 Product Spotlight: Backbone
It looks great. I haven't tried it, but from what I can see... we have a big hit coming. Not a lot of people know about it, so jump into the early adopter wave. Backbone peeps, if you're reading this, hook your boy up for a review :)

 🥶 Collabs

Spider-Man: Miles Morales x Adidas
Roblox x Lil Nas X
Cyberpunk x Adidas

 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

  • Cloud 9 and Puma release new sneakers.
  • Immortals Gaming Club announces $26M in Series B and CDL spot sale.
  • FNATIC raises $10M and launches crowdfunding campaign. 
  • FNATIC join forces with Italian coffee manufacturer Lavazza.
  • Udinese Esports partners with BenQ.
  • FURIA signs partnership with PokerStarts.
  • Jack Link's introduces partnership with Call of Duty.
  • Counter Logic Gaming partners with goodr sunglasses.
  • Griffin Gaming Partners raises $235M to invest in games.
  • Corsair acquires Gamer Sensei.
  • HyperX adds 25 influencers to their ambassadors program.
  • Personal finance company SoFi partners with Riot Games.
  • Gamurs Group acquires Pro Games Guides.
  • Totino's extends partnership with Call of Duty.

💎 Gems of the Week


📈 Stats of the Week 

Among Us surpasses 217M downloads on mobile.

Most popular streamers and categories of October on Twitch.

The Nintendo Switch has sold 68.3M units after 43 month on the market.

Pokemon GO hits $1B in 2020 as lifetime revenue surpasses $4B.

😂 Meme of the Week 

But wait, how cool would it be to incorporate VR in classes and teach history while being part of it? I'm sure this exists already, if you know of it let me know!

 🗓 Upcoming Events

Nov 13 / Twitch Developer Day
Nov 13 - 15 / Rainbow 6 NA Major
Nov 19 - 20 / Reuters XR USA 2020
Nov 20 - 21 / The Esports Awards
Nov 23 - 29 / BLAST Premiere Fall Showdown
Nov 30 - Dec 6 / FLASHPOINT Playoffs
Dec 3 - 4 / Africa Games Week
Dec 10 / The Game Awards
Dec 18 - 20 / LoL All-Stars Run the Rift


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