All jokes aside,

I'm proud of the people who had it worse and still came out standing, proud of the people who helped communities when most needed, proud of the people who looked at others with different opinions and still cared about them.

Health issues, corruption, injustice and natural disasters will always be part of our lives, we just need to outscale them with the better version of ourselves. 

There isn't a manual to fix all the problems from 2020, but we have the basic manual of life to be a good person for 2021. It really does start with us. We don't have to be Mother Teresa fam, we just need to understand that people will have different opinions depending on their life experiences; and as long as it isn't extreme, its ok. 

On a personal note: readers, I truly appreciate every single one of you supporting Weekly. Patreons, your pledge helps way more than you think and I don't take anything for granted.

On an industry note: if you think this year was exponential for gaming, get ready for 2021 because shit is about to go to the next level, big time.

Next week we are back. Happy New Year!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays, enjoy your family and friends.

Much love,

Franco from

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