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🍺 Beer Talk

🙌 x Dexerto

In 2019, I found a niche in gaming and esports where curation was king and a no-bullshit, human voice was the driver. The reality is that the long-term vision resulted in two years of consistent free content, which in the end, needed help from a team to make it grow.

After announcing that I couldn’t do it anymore, magical shit started to unveil.

A crazy number of individuals and companies jumped to get involved, I’m eternally grateful for everybody who reached out. However, there was a player that made the most sense to me. Weekly got acquired by Dexerto, and this is why:
  • Dexerto is the biggest esports and entertainment media platform out there. At the same time, their take on gaming media is very similar to mine: we tell it as it is. I have always been a huge fan of the people behind this company.
  • Their approach is to maintain Weekly’s branding and tone of voice + hire me to create content with complete freedom. The only difference is that now there are more people and resources to reach the long term vision.
  • The initial meetings with them showed me a genuine group of people who wanted to bring Weekly to the next level. New ideas, projects, unique giveaways, and original content are in the works. 

You guys, the Weekly OGs, are the reason why this opportunity exists. Your support goes deeper than you think. Hard work paid off and now I can do this with the people I admire, both as readers and co-workers. We're going to make something special together.  

Shit, I’m really happy about it man. It feels unreal. 

Weekly is back, let's dive in...

🟩 Xbox Game Pass
Microsoft completed Bethesda's acquisition a couple weeks ago, and Bethesda said that there won't be immediate changes, except from their games being available with the Xbox Game Pass this week. Bethesda kids' custody officially goes to Xbox tomorrow:

👏 Gamin' Hustle at it's Finest 
After developing 130 games in 15 years, Mediatonic went viral with Fall Guys. Now, they got acquired by Epic Games. Just imagine being told no for 130 projects and never giving up. This story should be told in a documentary.

🐦 Thread of the Week
Clubhouse is going to fail, by Shaan Puri.

I think Clubhouse isn't competing with podcasts, it’s competing with everything. We have phone fatigue in general. Grabbing the phone in the morning to check notifications or listening to NFT rooms is starting to feel like that disappointing thought after masturbating... "Why the fuck did I just do this?".

As Shaan points out, people expect to get what they are looking for in less than 7 seconds, thanks to IG, Twitter and TikTok. Clubhouse is struggling because of its live content, and it isn't like Twitch where we could understand what's happening upon arrival. These are started conversations, which take a bit to get in sync. The app still has a lot of advantages and it will be interesting to see their next moves.

🎵 Behind the Track
Inside the Mortal Kombat 11 soundtrack with Will Roget.

🆘 Geek Translation
We talked about the Dota x Netflix project before. I thought they were going to put it up on their platform just like any other show, but they are pushing content to make it more understandable for new people before the release date. It’s not only a great idea, but it also makes me wonder why isn't Netflix teasing shows with intro content, drops and collabs more often, like we see with other industries? 

🌈 Chronological Utopia
It's been a year since Animal Crossings started to pop off, here's the timeline. The game went from a meme to a place to escape, later into a spot for politicians to push agendas. Wild.

Like it or not, a true example of success with 30M+ copies sold to date, and several unique collabs to use as case studies.

🍥 Anime Spotlight
Netflix's Cowboy Bebop Live-Action series wraps their first season filming.

🎞 Trailer of the Week
📖 Read of the Week
The Roblox Microverse, by Ben Thompson from The Stratechery.

 🥶 Collabs

Fortnite x Lara Croft x Neymar Jr. x Teen Titans
Pokemon x Post Malone
Animal Crossing x Build-A-Bear

 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

  • Overwolf announces $52.5M Series C.
  • Envy Gaming raises $40M investment led by Grey TV.
  • Nerd Street Gamers expands partnership with Riot Games.
  • 2K Sports acquires HB Studios, signs PGA Tour 2K deal w/ Tiger Woods.
  • 1v1Me App raises $2M. 
  • LoL European Masters announces Jack Link's as main partner.
  • PSV Esports partners with Cooler Master.
  • Illuvium raises $5M for NFT-based fantasy game.
  • Spotify, Minute Media and SRI execs launched gaming agency Reset.
  • Golden Guardians partners with Adamas Esports.
  • Trufan raises $2.3M and acquires
  • Kevin Durant invests in New York Subliners and NYXL parent company.

💎 Gem of the Week


📈 Stats

😂 Fuckery Snack

Mobile games’ ads be like...

Only 2% can solve this!

🗓 Upcoming Events

March 8 - April 11 / ESL Pro League Season 13
March 18 - 21 / CDL: Toronto Ultra Home Series
March 19 - 28 / London Games Festival
March 20 - 21 / eMLS Cup by Coca-Cola
March 26 - April 2 / Games Careers Week

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