SEP 9 | EDITION #116
Hi friends, the future is really not the future anymore. Things are going so fast it is hard to keep up. Hope you’re doing good, let’s dive in fam.  

This week:
  • Gaming and reality hold hands.
  • Pokemon goes crazy.
  • Roblox gets one step closer to the future.
  • The coolest keyboard in the market.
But first...
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🍺 Beer Talk 

🔓 Look in the Mirror, It’s Happening
Most people have engraved in their minds that gaming as an avatar, shooter, champion, plane or a damn dinosaur represents a boundary, because it's not ourselves foreal. On the other side of things, we see social media as our true nature.

But isn’t it similar?

If you go to IG, most people are showing a version of themselves that’s not real. We all know that, we all do it, and it's the biggest elephant in the room. However, we don’t care about it because if it gives us a better chance at getting closer to somebody that we think is hot, so be it. There’s a benefit. We exaggerate on LinkedIn for work, on Twitter for knowledge, on Snapchat for whatever the fuck.

Gaming is another way of exaggeration, one that goes farther than just how we look. Technology quickly bridges how it feels to do things that we thought were impossible in the first place. 

Before, it was just owning a skin or a unique weapon in-game. The benefit was showing off style, just like we do when shopping for clothing. Now, with NFTs, crypto and a new decentralized internet community, you can be sure as shit that gaming and reality will blur since the people have a new benefit to get out of it: true ownership

Don’t sleep on it. Digital goods are the first step, the new digital era involves all aspects of life and gaming will be a huge part of it. 

Advice: when you see people ahead of you to the point that you think they are crazy, follow, support and believe in them. This video is the perfect example of somebody literally showing you the future, and an audience, reporters and companies ignoring it. Little did they know, those guys talking now own one of the most important brands in the world. I already talked about RTFKT, but I will do it again next week.

💣 New Games & Trailers
CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD — Updates and Trailer
F.I.S.T — Trailer & Gameplay
WORLD WAR Z (Switch) — Trailer

🧨 Pokemon Updates
We have a trailer for the new Netflix movie Pokemon: Secrets of the Jungle, a store in Tokyo claiming to be the biggest Pokemon trading card shop in the world, and the new collab: Pokemon x OREO

🏆 Esports Highlights

💯 What Really Matters
Cyberpunk was the most anticipated and hyped game of our generation. If I have to be honest, it wasn’t like Suicide Squad, a movie that was hyper-hyped and it was true garbage. Cyberpunk had beautiful art and ideas, but it just didn’t work.

This poster shows you that shaking hands between devs means nothing until real customers test the product. Over 200 awards for what exactly?

I hope they can change things around at some point, because at the end of the day, it’s a very interesting project. They might do it.  

📖 Read of the Week
The Definition of Design by Subtraction, by Vitor M. Costa.

👉 The Future of Comms
Roblox understands a prime element for the metaverse: conversations. If you’re tripping about this leading to social problems, think about it this way: if books, movies and gaming were invented today at the same time… which one would be more anti-social?

📺 Gaming x Film
What you need to know about Netflix’s Magic: The Gathering.

🧰 Craft of the Week
Mario 64 reimagined in Chinese Mythology, via Reddit. 


 🥶 Collabs

Lego x Super Mario

FaZe Clan x DC Comics: Batman
LPL x Tiffany and Co.
Fortnite x Marvel: Shang-Chi


 🥢 Take a Bite

  1. A cool GTA graffiti in Geneva, Switzerland.
  2. Nintendo Switch will bring Game Boy titles back to life.
  3. The Matrix is back. The. Hype. Is. Real, and the new website too.
  4. A solid tweet.
  5. Watch rare 1980’s footage of people around the world.

🦄 Product Highlight

I’ll tell you a lil story.

Early last year I sent an edition highlighting gaming podcasts. After the email, the guys from the Hypegeek Podcast reached out and sent me the link to their pod to take a look.

If you’re an OG Weekly reader you know about it, cuz I couldn’t stop spamming about them for a while.

Rustin and Kha, the founders, have a dope thing going on that I can’t really find anywhere else in gaming. Their main idea and effort is to grow the Hypegeek culture where gaming, music and fashion meet through different products.

To get there, they created Higround. The lads just sent me one of their keyboards and a keyboard jelly bag… I mean come on bro, isn’t it the coolest shit you’ve ever seen?    
I barely show other people’s projects because I only do it with the ones I love. Higround is big for me. Honestly, the keyboard’s size, style and functionality is exactly what I was looking for.

Look... if these guys leave gaming tomorrow, and start selling tampons with LED lights, I’ll be the first one to buy. For any brand, it all comes down to the people behind it.

From day zero I told you to follow their projects, if you still haven’t, get ready for the next one that's coming because it will be massive. Can’t say anything else, wait and trust.

 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

  • Sony acquires Firesprite Studio.
  • Enthusiast Gaming acquires Addicting Games for $35M.
  • FNATIC partners with Shure Audio.
  • Qiiwi Games acquires Playingright Games for $1.1M.
  • Ghost Gaming announces collaboration with Generation Esports.
  • Cloud 9 partners with Kingston Technology.
  • Mobalytics adds Cloud 9’s Perkz as media partner.
  • Odeeo raises $1M for non-disruptive audio ads for games.
  • BLAST Premiere teams up with Magnum.
  • Washington Justice presents their new PenFed cash card.
  • Virtuous raises $150M.

😂 Fuckery Snack

This is what true combat looks like, and it’s not even close.

🗓 Upcoming Events

Sep 8 - 9 / ESI Digital Summer
Sep 9 / PlayStation Showcase 2021
Sep 12 / Fortnite Finale Event - Operation: Sky Fire
Sep 12 - 15 / Esports Next: Beyond the Game
Sep 14 - 17 / XDS21 Adapt
Sep 14 / Next Apple Event
Sep 15 - 17 / Games Industry Law Summit

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