AUG 19 | EDITION #113
Hi everyone. Today I thought about two things: I want to organize an annual Beer Talk chill event for subscribers, and I haven’t watched The Sopranos yet. Lot’s of things I need to work on. Let’s dive in.

This week:
  • The current beef between streamers and journalists.
  • New football triple A game on the horizon.
  • Shady moves among publishers.
  • Age of Empires and Red Bull get creative.
But first...
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🍺 Beer Talk 

Streamers vs. Journalism: The Last Word

How can we tell the truth from error? Or honest research from manipulation?

It’s a war of words where people think that streaming will surpass journalism because of technology. New platforms will help, but the crucial element between news outlets’ authority and the public is information; how people want to perceive information is what’s in debate.

Last week, we briefly talked about Twitch entering journalism. It seems that we touched an open wound, so we’re going way deeper for this one. Grab your drink. 

Don’t get confused though, this isn’t some bullshit drama, we’re living at the start of a turning point that will determine who stands and who gets fucked. 

What Happened
  • One of the most popular streamers in the world, Ibai, got invited to cover Leo Messi’s PSG presentation on Twitch at the stadium. 
  • A LOT of sports journalists flamed him for different reasons, which even a five y/o could translate as... ‘we are scared.’
Can’t Fake It
One of the journalists decided to have a chat on Twitch with Ibai to “calm the waters”, since he posted condescending tweets towards the streamer, and was seeking redemption. He only added mud to the situation though.

After watching that hour-long talk twice and reading tweets from many journalists and looking at responses on TV… it truly pissed me off, but no worries, I just did some breathing exercises to stay calm.

The Problem 
Journalists' response trend-train:
  1. Our numbers on TV and radio are growing, we don’t need streaming.
  2. We don’t understand Twitch, we can’t play games.
  3. We know we have a few bad apples, but it’s like that in every industry. 
  4. It’s not our fault that players want to talk to streamers and not us.

1. Growing Pain
Let me tell you straight up that people (mainly the youth) evidently have a clear rejection towards journalism. All of it? No. Most of it? Yes.

Think about it as a consumer, besides the game itself, what do you consume the most in sports? The analytical part of the game and behind the scenes.

At the moment, TV and radio gives us a good medium for game and player analysis. However, they thought that the behind the scenes and exclusive material of the player's personal life was also something that they could provide. Well...

In two weeks, Ibai showed them that they were wrong.

Let’s assume their TV numbers are growing. But we can also see streaming numbers going 10 times faster. At some point, the race will have many things in common, and the first factor that will put TV’s name on the grave will be the beloved growth rate that they preach today.

2. Understanding is a Choice
The best ones adapt, while the worse ones stop to shine. 

Journalists are comfortable, that’s the truth. It’s their turn to adapt and we’re looking at their reactions in plain sight. But I mean, this is far from being a lecture, we don’t win anything if sports journalism adapts, content will be there anyways, it’s their decision to survive.

Are they actually trying? If you think about it, Twitch is literally the same thing as TV but instead of receiving viewers’ feedback through emails or envelopes, you get them real time on the right side of the screen.

A strong competitor just appeared and you don’t understand Twitch? Are you telling me nobody in your news company dedicated two hours of their time to see how it works? 

Watching a Russian chemistry competition is difficult, setting up a fucking Twitch account is not. They are 50 years old, not 150.

Sports journalism sent a very clear message last week, they didn’t “choose the wrong words”. Come on now, they studied words for a living, the intention was to harm.

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🌶 Weekly Sauce

💣 New Games & Trailers
HADES — Xbox & PS Update
GTA — Remaster Rumor
GHOST OF TSUSHIMA — Director’s Cut Trailer

🤔 Sus AF
A lil drop of tea has been spilled by the lovely peeps at Epic Games. Fortnite released a new mode that is a literal copy of Among Us. Devs ain’t happy. I mean, coming from a publisher with the priority of collabing with everything and anything, why not collab with them instead of going the shady way? How much control do you really get out of it? 

🏆 Esports Highlights

🐦 Tweet of the Week
Mobile gaming growth, by Matthew Ball.

🎞️ Gaming x Film
Rumor has it that screenwriters have finally understood gaming.

⚽ Ok, I’m listening
FIFA and eFootball (PES) are the only football games out there, and as tough as it sounds, it’s hard for them to elevate interest in general towards the esports side of a sports game. However, big lad Andreas Thorstensson announced that he is working on a new triple A football title GOALS. Not gonna lie, this is exciting. 
  • Free-to-play.
  • Cross-play across most platforms.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Esports ready.
  • New technology to display skills.
  • NFT incorporation.

🧵 Thread of the Week
Blockchain are the new app stores, by Chris Dixon.

🎼 The Best in Music
Just in case you want to incorporate young talent to your gaming projects, products or collabs, here’s a list of the 21 most exciting musicians right now.

🚀 Just Because: Jeff Bezos vs. NASA explained
If you give a shit about space, I got you.
  • NASA’s Artemis Program wants to put people back on the moon by 2024, to prepare for missions to Mars.
  • The idea is to send 4 astronauts with NASA’s rocket, the SLS, to the Orion spacecraft, and then send 2 of them from there to the moon with the Human Landing System (HLS).
  • Here’s where the billionaires come in. NASA needs funding for the HLS. Jeff, Elon and Dynetics placed their proposals, and the winner was Elon’s SpaceX.
  • Jeff’s Blue Origin and Dynetics sued NASA because, apparently, their evaluation was unreasonable. The lawsuit went nowhere.

 🥶 Collabs

Fortnite x Wonder Woman
Fortnite x Free Guy

 🥢 Take a Bite

  1. There’s now an official Witcher school in Poland for monster hunters.
  2. A trippy never-ending art display website.
  3. $100K Age of Empires tournament final will be played in a German castle.
  4. Nestflix: Foke shows within shows.
  5. Microsoft announces a new wired Xbox headset.

💎 Gem of the Week


💈 Strictly Biz by Adam Fitch

Influencer CEO
Over the past few years we’ve witnessed the emergence of a rare breed: the influencer CEO. In esports, just mentioning the names of Carlos "ocelote" Rodríguez, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, and Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez serve as perfect examples for what I’m referring to. They’re vocal, they’re present on all the relevant platforms, they’re oftentimes outspoken, and they’re running fully-fledged businesses at the same time.

They’re in a class of their own though. Despite the social media age allowing almost anybody to become a brand and internet celebrity in their own right, why are these three people much more popular and creator-like than their peers? While I do indeed think personality plays a part in this, you have to consider that they were public figures before running their businesses. Nadeshot was a former CoD pro, H3CZ, and Carlos previously competed in League of Legends. Though we’ve limited information to go on here, it’s worth thinking about whether it’s easier to become an influencer and then a CEO, or the opposite...


 💰 VC Land & Partnerships

  • Roblox acquires game chat startup Guilded.
  • NAVI partners with crypto exchange Bybit.
  • Dire Wolves welcomes MSI as a new partner.
  • LOUD announces content partnership with Facebook.
  • Mountaintop raises $30M for pvp games.
  • The LEC renews their partnerships with SAP and Mastercard.
  • Wolves announces Monster Energy as their new sponsor.
  • Astro Gaming teams up with Timbuk2 for gaming bags. 

📈 Important (but most times meaningless) Stats

Sea of Pirates’ best month yet: 4.8M players.
Free Fire: 150M people play this mobile game, daily.
Chivalry II passes 1M copies sold.


😂 Fuckery Snack

“Play has no limits”. I can think of one right now.

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