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We were thrilled to learn what Refresh has meant to many of you through our 2019 Impact Survey. Here's just a few things you had to say:
"Refresh has consistently been here since the beginning of my startup journey. You make rock star entrepreneurs seem accessible."
"Refresh was my first pitch. Has been a foundational part of my company's success."
"I found my first internship and job through Refresh. Refresh is truly a gem for Miami's tech scene on both the business and dev sides."
"Refresh Miami has been a key connector of tech ecosystem in South Florida, I believe that without Refresh Miami there will not be a connector for anyone or a community around it. I am truly very thankful for your work!"
"Without Refresh, we would have never been discovered outside of Miami. I would highly recommend any person with a glimmer of interest in the startup/tech world to attend events and join the refresh community! Bar none best resource in Miami. Period."
"I was able to move to Miami because I landed a job that I found in the Refresh Miami newsletter :) so it's not a stretch to say that Refresh Miami completely changed my life!"
We also crunched the numbers and this is what we found:
55% of Refresh members say it’s easier to start and/or grow a business in South Florida because of Refresh Miami.

66% of Refresh members say Refresh Miami is the first place they turn to for South Florida tech and startup news, events, jobs and resources.

79% of Refresh members feel more connected to South Florida's tech and startup community because of Refresh Miami.
Today we ask for you to show your continued support for our cause by donating to Refresh Miami on Give Miami Day. 

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