And - bonus!! - a recipe for my favorite five-minute lunch.
Inspiration for Creative Families

This past weekend I had an epic crafting win. I slept beneath my first-ever made-by-me quilt. And, just so we're clear, my first-ever made-by-me quilt just so happens to be king size.

I'll let that particular brand of crazy sink in for a moment.

After the last thread was buried deep into the batting, I ran it over to my husband. Filled with pride, I showed him that the quilt, the one that had been lurking in a bin beneath our bed half-finished for over a year, was finally done!

And then, I promptly started to show him all of its flaws. Because, let's face it, it's my first time out of the gates and there are definitely flaws!

Halfway through nit-picking my first-ever quilt I stopped. Why was I doing that to myself? To my work? Sure, it isn't perfect. My corners aren't totally square. The backing is bunched and folded in a handful of places. My quilting isn't perfectly straight. The corners of my binding kinda suck. But even with all of its flaws, it is still the coziest thing I've ever made for my home.

And with all that, I started to wonder, what makes a quilt perfect? Big thoughts, about quilting, I know...
Is a quilt perfect because of its flawless stitching?

Is a quilt perfect because each corner is square?

Is a quilt perfect because the binding is sewn with an invisible blind stitch?

Or is a quilt perfect because it is warm?

Perfect because it is made with love?

For now, I'm going to choose to enjoy my perfectly imperfect quilt. It is perfect because it keeps us warm. Perfect because I made it so large that we each have more than enough blanket to wrap up in as we sleep. Perfect because I made it with my own two hands (and the help of a machine).

I'd love to know what perfectly imperfect thing you've made recently? Hit reply and let's talk.

I hope you have a beautiful, creative week!


Danielle Reiner :: Crafting Connections

My Favorite Five-Minute Lunch

For the past handful of months, I've been making myself a bit more of a priority and being mindful of what I put inside my body has been a key part of that. I'm sure this isn't a surprise to any one of you, but preparing and eating good healthful meals takes a lot of time! And, well, sometimes I just don't have it. Which is why I love this salad. It takes no more than five minutes to prepare - if you shortcut and use storebought guacamole (which I totally do) - and has all the stuff to fuel my body in a way that makes me feel good. Not to mention that it is super-delicious. I think you'll like it too.
2 handfuls sprouts or micro-greens • 1/2 cup guacamole • 1/2 apple, cubed • 1/2 cup crab meat
Place all ingredients on a plate, in the order they are listed. Dig in! See, I told you it was super simple. 

(inspired by Nom Nom Paleo)


Snowman Mug Buddies

This year my kids have been super missing the true winter - with cold and snow - of their past. These fun little snowman mug buddies were a perfect craft to take a bit of that missing winter edge off. I bet your little ones would love to make them too! Learn how, with the full DIY on our Blog.

The Everyday Beautiful

Each day Andrea and I share an image from our life over on instagram, #theeverydaybeautiful. Simple, beautiful, images from the everyday. Things we are making, things that inspire us. Pop on over to see what we've shared, and feel free to join in. Tag us - @craftingconnections - in a picture of your everyday beautiful. We'd love to see!
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