I can't be the only one that tips from end to end, rarely finding the magical balance point in the middle.
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I'M RIDING ON A SEE-SAW | from Danielle

I think a lot about balance, the work-life-home-passion-creativity-mothering-doing-it-all-just-right sort of balance. And, from what I can tell, I'm not the only one. It's seems to be a topic that runs through the collective consciousness of mothers.

Until recently, I felt like I was pursuing balance like it was some sort of sport. Chasing it. Hunting for it. Seeking it in the corners of my life. Believing that it was there, somewhere. That I only needed to find it, and oh boy! if I did, well, then I'd be good (and balanced!!) for the rest of my days.

But then, a few weeks ago as I sat on a park bench watching my youngest and a friend riding the see-saw, I noticed something. Gently they tipped from side-to-side. Sometimes, for a moment, they'd rest peacefully in the middle. But if you weren't really watching, you'd never even notice that moment. Instead what you'd see is the constant tipping back and forth, one side down, one side up. What you'd see is movement. 

And as I watched that see-saw, I realized, life is sort of like that. Most of the time, you gently tip from side-to-side. Up and down. When one thing becomes a priority, when it is up, other things slide into the background, they move down. Eventually something else pulls attention and it moves up, other things move down.

But then sometimes, for only the briefest of instants, you pause in the middle. And at that moment life is balanced. It is beautiful and gorgeous and perfect and, well, completely unsustainable.

Tip. You're back on one side again. Balance is fleeting. The default condition is imbalance.

And as I look at these words I've just written, it occurs to me that it makes the whole situation seem so very bleak and hopeless. But I don't see it that way at all. 

If you don't mind, let's continue with my little see-saw metaphor. Let's imagine that as you watched those two kids riding the see-saw you took a bunch of photographs, hundreds.

Now look at just one picture. One kids up, the other is down. Imagine that is a single day in your life. On that single day, you managed to fill a couple sketchbook pages but totally ignored the laundry.

Let's look at another picture. The kids have switched spots but one is still up and the other is down. That's another day in your life. On that single day, you got dinner in the crockpot, the dishes done, and you read a couple chapters to your little ones, but your sketchbook sat untouched.

Look at five more pictures. Not a single one is in perfect balance, much like how not a single one of your days is in perfect balance.

But now put seven of those pictures on the table and take a look. All of a sudden, things are looking a lot more balanced? Aren't they?

What about if you put thirty images onto the table? What do you see then?

What I'm trying to say is that in life, as on the see-saw, seeking balance in any moment, hour, or on a given day isn't something you or I have been failing at. Rather, it is impossible to achieve. We tip from side-to-side as various priorities vie for our attention.

The balance we should seek is the balance we see when we step back and allow ourselves to look more broadly at life, whether that be a week or a month or a season.

When you take a step back and look at your current season of life, do you see balance or imbalance? I'm super curious to hear what you have to say. Hit reply and let's chat.

I hope you have a beautiful, creative week!


Danielle Reiner :: Crafting Connections


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