Last Call! Help Save the CFC by June 7th.
CFC Action Alert

Dear America’s Charities Members and Board Directors: 

The comment period of the proposed changes in the Combined Federal Campaign ends next Friday, June 7th. As of today the Federal Register notes that approximately 260 responses have been received.  We are told that this is a good number, but obviously more is better.  

A member of the Save the CFC federation consortium wrote OPM earlier this week seeking an extension on the comment period, as many charities are just now understanding the implications of the proposed changes.  Unfortunately, OPM immediately denied the extension.  That means the June 7th deadline is inflexible.  

We’ve also received advice from a former OPM senior executive who advises us to continue urging charities and individuals to respond right up until June 7. Of particular importance is putting into focus what the loss of donations would mean for those individuals, families or others that you serve. The more you can personalize, highlight and provide basic metrics on the impact these changes would have on those you serve the better.  But the most important thing is to respond and ask others to respond as well.  

Between now and next Friday, June 7 here's what we need you to do:
  • The new Director of OPM (assuming her nomination is approved) will be Katherine Archuleta who was national political director for President Obama’s re-election campaign from 2011 to 2012. She was also the Obama campaign’s primary liaison to the Latino community.   If you know Ms. Archuleta or if you have contacts that might, please let us know immediately.
  • If you haven’t done so already, write a letter on behalf of your organization or as a concerned individual expressing your concerns with the proposed recommendations. Details for how to do that are on our Save the CFC site.
  • Where appropriate, urge your affiliates/chapters to write as well, again ask them to focus on the impact on those they serve. 
  • Send copies of those responses to your Congressional representative and/or members of the oversight subcommittees noted on the Save the CFC site.  If you have access, seek appointments with your Congressional Representatives or work with our office to do so.  
  • Send us copies of any and all letters and Federal Register responses that you generate or are aware of.   

  • Led a coalition of national federations and charities to oppose key aspects of the proposed CFC changes. 
  • Kept America’s Charities members proactively informed and engaged with practical tools and steps to talk to effect positive change in the CFC
  • Worked with reporters covering the issue to ensure our perspective is included in their coverage. 
  • Conducted briefings with nearly a dozen Congressional offices with help from member charities who have shared contacts and helped arrange meetings.  
  • Created the “Save the CFC” website generating significant new traffic to America’s Charities, positioning us as a leader and advocate of philanthropy.  Save the CFC is a prominent link on numerous other organizations’ web sites including Independent Sector, Blue Avocado, The Center for Nonprofit Advancement, the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington and Maryland Nonprofits.  
  • Crafted a strategy to reach other key influentials in the Federal Government who can voice their concern with OPM. This includes, but is not limited to, the new director of the Office of Management and Budget who is the former CEO of the Wal-Mart Foundation and former head of international philanthropy for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

This battle is far from over. While the responses to the Federal Register are important, OPM must then take time to review them and determine if the feedback is strong enough to force them to reconsider their plans and take into account the concerns of the service providers.  Hopefully that will be the case.  But we need to continue putting the pressure on them.

Right now, the next step to take is to generate more responses to the Federal Register PLEASE!!!


Steve Delfin
President & CEO, America's Charities

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