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14 January 2014

The Aftermath Project is pleased to announce the 2014 winner of its $20,000 grant competition and the four 2014 finalists:

2014 Grant Winner:

Luca Locatelli (Italy) for his project “United Colours of War,” which examines the aftermath of 9/11 by looking at the increase in the business of war. 

2014 Finalists (in alphabetical order):

Philippe Dudouit (Switzerland) for his project, “Sahel – the Dynamics of Dust,” a visual study of the social structures of rebel movements in the Sahel region, and the new relationships the local population has forged with a territory they can no longer pass through freely or safely.

Olga Ingurazova (Russia) for her project, “Scars of Independence,” about the disputed region of Abkhazia, which was destroyed by civil war during the collapse of the former Soviet Union, and which self-proclaimed independence from Georgia just over twenty years ago.

Diana Marksosian (USA) for her project, “Goodbye My Chechnya,” which documents the unraveling of the lives of young Muslim girls who came of age in the aftermath of a conflict that lasted nearly two decades.

Javad M. Parsa (Iranian living in Norway) for his project, “Moments of Freedom,” about the lives of Iranian refugees around the world. Parsa fled Iran in 2009, fearing an arrest warrant by the Iranian government, after his photos of that year’s uprising were published abroad.

This year’s judging took place on January 11, 2014, in Washington DC. The judges were MaryAnne Golon, Director of Photography, The Washington Post; Elizabeth Krist, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic; Muriel Hasbun, Professor and Chair of Photography, Corcoran College of Art+Design; Elizabeth Rappaport, photographer, board member The Aftermath Project; Sara Terry, photographer, founder and artistic director, The Aftermath Project.

The first round of screening was done in Washington DC on January 9, 2014, by Elizabeth Rappaport and Sara Terry. 

The 2014 Aftermath Project grant is made possible by the generous support of the Foundation to Promote Open Society.                


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