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Ticks, Ticks, Ticks: What You Need to Know


Ticks and 4DX Testing 2021


The weather is warming and the ticks are swarming. It’s time to get your dog on their tick preventive.


Tick Diseases and Your Dog

Ticks carry many diseases. The three most dangerous are Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis and Ehrlichia.

Learn More about Tick-borne diseases and how to protect your dog >>


The 4DX Test

The 4DX test tests your dog for existing infections of these three diseases--Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, and Ehrlichia--as well as for Heartworm infections. We recommend all dogs have a 4DX test done this year and every year to check for existing tick-based infections. In 2021, the test is required before we can prescribe Heartworm preventives.

Avoid having to come back for the 4DX test and to collect your dog's Heartgard: Call and book your test today. We can dispense both tick and heartworm medication at the same time.


All 4DX testing will be by appointment only for 2021. Appointments for 4DX testing will be available from 11-4 Monday to Friday and on Saturdays 9-5. (Note that this differs from previous years when we had walk-in policy for 4DX testing. We can't currently offer this service due to the curbside restrictions.)

To book your 4DX Testing appointment call 416-469-1121, option 4, or email us using the button below:


How To Get Your Tick Medication

All tick medication must be requested through our medication line. A veterinarian will review your file and a team member will call when the prescription is ready. They will arrange for payment and set up an appointment for you to collect the medications. 

AII medication pick-ups are by appointment only as we continue to take precautions against COVID.

You can request your tick medication by calling our Medication Request line at 416-469-1121, option 3.

Heartworm is Still a Serious Problem

Heartworm continues to be a risk for Toronto dogs. It is established in the resident coyote population, giving it a local source. Also, there are rescue groups bringing dogs to Toronto from parts of the world where Heartworm is endemic. It only takes one mosquito biting an infected coyote or dog and then your dog to pass on the parasite. As always we recommend testing and prevention. The test we now recommend for Heartworm is the same one we use to test for tick-borne diseases: the 4DX Test.

Due to the COVID restrictions in the spring of 2020, most of our dog patients had to skip their 4DX test. This year we will require a test prior to dispensing the Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite Medication Heartgard.

To book your 4DX Testing appointment call 416-469-1121, option 4, or email us:


What About Cats?

Learn More About Cats and Ticks >>

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