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Summer Pet Tips

Heading out of the city for the long weekend? Or spending a couple of weeks at the cottage or camping? Here are a few things to keep in mind:


For safety, travel with your cats and dogs in a well-secured, well-ventilated carriers. Your pets should have room to stand, sit, lie down and turn around.

Be prepared to stop at least every couple of hours to check on your pet, and give them an opportunity to relieve themselves (on-leash, even for cats) and have some fresh water. Bring water with you to avoid upsetting your pet's stomach with unfamiliar water.

Make sure your pet is microchipped as well as wearing a collar tag with your home address and phone number. You may want to put on a temporary travel tag that also has your cel number, and destination contact information.

If you are taking your pet to an unfamiliar location, remember that this may cause them some stress. Bring some familiar toys and bedding. Keep your pet on-leash or indoors until you are confident that they have familiarized themselves with the new place and are calm and relaxed.

Out of the City

  • Don’t leave pets unsupervised around a pool or lake. Not all dogs are good swimmers.
  • Everyone in your boat should wear a lifejacket--including your pet!
  • Avoid feeding your pet extras from the grill or table. Even on holiday, any change in your pet’s normal diet can result in an upset stomach or diarrhea.
  • Avoid your pet being sprayed with any bug spray not intended for pets. Many insect repellants meant for humans contain DEET which can cause neurologic problems in dogs and cats.
  • Supervise your pet extremely carefully around matches, citronella candles, campfires and home fireworks. Ideally keep them away from any of these.
  • If your dog doesn’t like fireworks, see our earlier post for tips on keeping your pet calm.
  • Have enough clean drinking water for both yourself and your pet. “Nature’s dog bowls”—puddles, ponds and streams—may contain parasites and bacteria.


While there are plenty of opportunities for your pet to encounter skunks and racoons in town, outside of the city there is an increased likelihood that they will encounter other species, such as porcupines, and rattlesnakes. Our website has great information about what to do about each of these species:

Rattlesnakes: What to do if your Dog is Bitten >
Porcupines: Porcupine Quills–What to Do >
Raccoons: Leptospirosis--What is it and what can you do? >
Skunks: So your dog has met a Skunk… >

Emergency Preparedness for your Pet

A dog under an umbrella
With summer in Ontario, come summer storms and power outages. It's only June and we've already had at least two tornados, and numerous power outages and heavy rainfall events. To help you be prepared to take care of your pets during a disaster and for at least 72 hours after, we've put together a blog post with some ideas:

Take Steps to Prepare your Pets for an Emergency >

On the Danforth Magazine Blog

Canada Day

We will be closed Tuesday, July 1, to Celebrate Canada Day. 

If you have an emergency, please seek help at one of these emergency clinics:

Emergency >
Cat looking at a computer screen.

No Hot Pets!

Just a reminder to NEVER leave your pet in the car.

Not "just for a minute", not in the shade, not with the windows cracked. Even on a mildly warm day, cars reach dangerous temperatures extremely quickly.

Dr. O’Meara to Ride for Farley  

On September 20, 2014, Dr. Ciara O'Meara will be riding 100km to raise funds and awareness for the Farley Foundation. Since 2002, the Foundation has assisted well over 5,000 pets belonging to low-income seniors, disable individuals, Ontario Work recipients, women at risk of abuse, and pets belonging to seniors’ care facilities. 

If you'd like to help Dr. O'Meara meet her fundraising goals for this fantastic cause, drop by the clinic and make a donation in person, or donate online using the link below:

Learn More about the Farley Foundation >

Support Dr. O’Meara on the Ride for Farley >

Pinto comes for a Visit

Tiny Sea Turtle
Remember Pinto--the adorable mother of some of our kittens last spring? Last week she visited us and we got a picture as our RVT Andria trimmed her nails. We're pleased to say that Pinto's owner reports that she is delightful and happy companion, reporting only that she "sheds a lot". We recommended a Furminator® Deshedding tool.

(Furminator® Deshedding tools are available in long and short hair versions for both dogs and cats. If you're interested in one for your pet, they are available on our webstore. Unfortunately, because of the login panel, we can't give you a direct link--just search for "Furminator" to find the one you want.)

Shop the Webstore >


Email Updates

As you may know, there is a new Canadian Anti-Spam Law coming into effect. As a result, you will soon receive an email from us asking you to confirm your wish to receive email communication from Blue Cross Animal Hospital.

As we are transitioning from paper to email for all medical and vaccine reminders, it's important that you confirm your wish to hear from us, so you don't miss any important communications about your pet. As well, please update your address book to include “”.

If you believe the email address we have on file for you may be incorrect, please contact us at 416-469-1121 or, and update your address.
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