Blue Cross Animal Hospital January 2013 Newsletter: February is Dental Month | Free Bag of Hill's Prescription Diet T/D | Healthymouth | Winter Tips
February is Dental Month!

February is Dental Month!

With winter in Toronto come two things: harsh winter weather, and the kick-off of our February Dental Month. This month's newsletter covers both!

Regular dental care is one of the most beneficial things you can do for your pet's general health. We're here to help you get your pet on the road to good dental health, so read on for education, entertainment, and savings.

Start here, by reading our blog about why good oral care is so important for your pet, and how to tell if your pet might have dental disease.

Did you know?

Oral Disease is the single most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets.

An astounding 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS).
Book an appointment for your pet's Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning.

Free Bag Promotion

  • Get a Free Bag of Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Oral Health Pet Food for every Dog Dental Exam with Teeth Cleaning.* 

  • Get a Free Bag of Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Oral Health Pet Food for every Cat Dental Exam.*

Make an appointment for your pet's Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning now!

*Offer valid on dental treatments completed and paid for by March 30th, 2013.

Oral Health Client Classes

Sign up for one of our Client Classes and join us at 7pm on February 12th, or February 19th as we cover the following topics: 
  • A review of common dental problems we see in our pets (tooth root abscesses, cavities in dogs, resorptive lesions in cats).
  • The importance of good dental healthcare. 
  • What happens during a dental procedure at Blue Cross Animal Hospital?
  • Tips to keep your pets teeth clean and gums healthy at home.
  • How to brush your pet's teeth.
  • Healthymouth, Dental Diets, Chews and Treats.

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Did you know?

Dogs have 28 puppy teeth, followed by 42 permanent teeth. Cats have 26 kitten teeth, and then get 30 permanent teeth.

A happy dog with a healthy mouth by his water bowl.

We've got Healthymouth™!

Healthymouth is an amazing all-natural pet water additive that is clinically proven to significantly reduce plaque.
Read More about Healthymouth.
A happy dog in the snow.

Pet Tips for a Toronto Winter

As many jokes as we hear about Toronto being the “banana belt” of Canada, it doesn't seem like it right now! Even a mild Canadian winter requires some extra thought to keep your pets safe and healthy.
Tips on How to Handle Winter with your Dog or Cat.
Dog Boots: A Necessary Fashion Item
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