Blue Cross Animal Hospital August 2012 Newsletter, featuring our renovation, some tips for the problems of August--fleas and thunder, and our adoption blog.
Excitement is Building! we are renovating to improve our hospital.

Blue Cross Animal Hospital Renovation is Underway!

If you've passed by Blue Cross lately, you've seen our construction hoarding. We are updating the front of the clinic for the first time since 1968! We're very excited about our new look, and the way the changes will benefit our clients. There are some accessiblity issues while the renovation is happening, so please contact us at 416-469-1121, or by email if your pet needs veterinary attention and you think these issues might affect you.
Read more about what we're doing.
See some progress photos.
An August Calendar with a flea on it.

August Tip #1: Flea Season 2012 has started!

With the past warm winter, many eggs will have survived and we may have a very bad season. Read here about fleas and how to determine if your pet has them. Please call us and seek veterinary advice for flea infestation. We have seen serious side effects from several products available at pet stores. Cats particularly are easily poisoned by some of these products.
Hercules, a dog wearing a thundershirt during a recent storm.

August Tip #2: Handling your pet's fear of thunder

With August comes thunder storms, and thunder can make many pets very anxious. To minimize this anxiety:
  • Keep your pet indoors, preferably with the curtains closed or in an interior room, away from the flash of lightning.
  • Close windows and doors to reduce sound as much as possible.
  • Have familiar people and noises around to calm your pet.
  • Medication may help--please contact us for advice.
  • We have also had very good results using the Thunder Shirt for dogs. Read more about fear of thunder, and how the Thunder Shirt can help.

Did you know?

You can request the veterinarian of your choice when you make an appointment.

Very cute kitten Deuce, looking up out of a waste basket.


We often have pets, especially cats looking for a forever home, so please check our adoptions blog if you or someone you know is thinking of adding to your family. At the moment "Deuce" is looking for a home. Read more about him, and please pass this on to anyone who may be interested.

Our Webstore is a hit!

Registrations for our webstore are climbing, and client feedback is great. Sign up here to take advantage of online prescription ordering, huge selection, 24 hour convenience, home delivery and more.
A golden retriever using a computer to shop our new webstore.

Newsletter News

You may notice that the masthead on the newsletter says 08.2012, and the previous one read 06.2012. No, you didn't miss an issue--we skipped July in order to move the newsletter closer to the beginning of the month. You may also notice that the newsletter is now delivered in a mobile-friendly format so you can easily read it on several smart phones and tablets. Next stop will be "mobilizing" our web site so you can also read our articles and blogs on the platform of your choice. Stay tuned...
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