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Heartworm Testing & Prevention

Heartworm is a nasty, potentially fatal parasite that is transmitted between dogs by mosquitos. Heartworms are exactly what the name indicates: 3-12" long worms that live in your dog’s heart and lungs. As the worms mature and multiply they clog your dog’s heart and lungs, causing severe damage and eventual failure. Prevention is the key to protecting your dog from Heartworm. If your dog wasn't on preventive medication last year, he or she may already be infected. If your pet hasn't been tested, contact us to arrange testing and learn about Heartworm Prevention.

All Dogs should start on Heartworm Prevention Medication on June 1st.


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Tick Season is Open

Once the temperature starts to stay over 3 degrees Celsius, Ticks come out of their dormant state and start questing for a blood meal. Ticks carry a number of nasty diseases, including Lyme Disease, which is dramatically on the rise in southern Ontario. As with Heartworm, Prevention is the key to protecting your dog or outdoor cat from Ticks. The best prevention is to immediately inspect your pet after they have been outside, and remove any crawling or attached ticks. For Dogs there are also preventive medications such as Advantix that can be prescribed. Be aware that all effective Tick preventive medications are extremely toxic for cats.

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High-Rise Syndrome

There is a warm weather danger so common in cats, that veterinarians have given it a name: High-Rise Syndrome. The term is used to describe the cluster of multiple, severe injuries suffered by cats when they fall out of windows, through screens, and off of ledges and fire-escapes. We see multiple cases per year, just at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. 

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Introducing the Doghouse and the Cat-io

Over the last several weeks we have been working on an overhaul of our website, aimed at making the site an even more useful tool for our clients and friends. One thing that came out of our analysis of the existing site was the realization that a lot of helpful and important information for dog and cat owners was spread throughout the site in various pages and blogs. Even though the information was there, it wan't very easy to find. The Doghouse and The Cat-io change all that. These two pages are dog and cat-friendly hubs for each species, tying together the resources on our site: pages and blog posts, pictures, facts, and even trivia. Got a puppy question? Want to read our most important cat-related blogs? Just need a cute pet fix? Check out The Doghouse and The Cat-io.

The Doghouse >

The Cat-io >


Email Reminders

We are transitioning from paper to email for all medical and vaccine reminders. Please update your address book to include “”. If you believe the email address we have on file for you may be incorrect, please contact us at 416-469-1121 or, and update your address.

Bluey Heads to Sea

Tiny Sea Turtle
Blue Cross Client Care Representative Dani recently spent some time in Guatemala and had the fabulous opportunity to help release some sea turtle hatchlings, including one named in honour of Blue Cross Animal Hospital. She shared her pictures and story on our blog. It's a great read!

Bluey the Sea-Turtle heads out to Sea >

On the Danforth Magazine Blog

Blue Cross Featured!

We're very pleased to have great article about us on the On the Danforth blog, part of Kayla Calder's great series "Living in Danforthia".

On the Danforth >
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Spring at the Webstore!

It's great time for a new toy or treat, and all our parasite prevention products are available, too!

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