Blue Cross Animal Hospital July Newsletter: Summer Heat, Danger in your Compost, Puppies and Kittens.
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A panting, smiling dog in a wading pool with a frisbee.

It is HOT outside!

And that means you need to pay extra attention to keeping yor pet cool and comfortable.

While we might be enjoying the long, hot days of summer after a cool wet spring, it's important to remember that your pet may not deal with the heat as well as you do. We've put together a few tips on keeping your dogs and cats cool and safe in the summer heat:

Puppy, It's Hot Outside...

A panting dog in a hot car with hazard tape in front.

Heat Fact 1

When the air temperature is 30°C (86°F) the temperature inside a closed car can reach 40°C (104°F) within ten minutes, and 50°C (122°F) within half an hour. These temperatures are extremely dangerous and frequently fatal. Never leave your child, dog, or cat in a car on a hot day--not even in the shade, not even with the windows cracked open.

Heat Fact 2

When the air temperature is 30°C (86°F) the temperature of black asphalt can easily reach 57°C (137°F). Pavement temperatures above 50°C (122°F), can cause burns in as little as sixty seconds. That means that on a normal summer day, hot pavement poses a serious hazard to your dog. Always check that the pavement is safe for your pet by testing it with your own hand. Try and walk your dog at cooler times of day in grass or shade.

Did You Know?

We have separate wards for dogs and cats.

To minimize stress in both species, we try as much as possible to keep dogs and cats apart throughout their visit to us. In the waiting area we have “Cat Parking” shelves. You can put your cat’s carrier on a mid-height cat shelf, where they can see you, but are up away from feet and curious or anxious dogs in the waiting area. If your cat is admitted to the hospital, they will reside in a ward housing only other cats. If your dog is admitted, they will stay in a ward with only other dogs. Each cage or kennel is provided with comfortable bedding, fresh water, and appropriate food. Dogs are taken outside four times a day and cats have their litter changed after every use.
Pretzel the kitten is looking for a home.

Kittens Ready for Adoption

We are looking for fantastic forever homes for our latest family of kittens. You can see pictures and read details here:

Adoption: Tangle’s kittens looking for loving homes.

If you are interested in applying to adopt one of these little darlings, call us at 416-469-1121, or email .

Cute Alert!

We recently had five wee Rottweilers in for a puppy visit. They were so much fun we had to share! Check out the full gallery on our blog: 

Puppy Visit: A Ruckus of Rottweilers

Animal Care Attendant Jenna with a Rottweiler puppy licking her face.
Green waiting for pick up.

Green Bin Bingeing

The contents of your green bin can be extremely hazardous to your dog. Read more, learn about symptoms and treatment, and get some tips on prevention:

Danger in your Compost: Mycotoxin Toxicity

Autoship Auto-delivery.

Autoship Rocks!

Too hot to shop? Our webstore offers free delivery on non-prescription orders over $75, and an adjustable auto-ship feature that means you never run out of your pet's prescriptions or foods. 

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