Adding a new dog can be exciting, but challenging too.
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Two adorable French bulldog puppies

Nothing brightens up a day like a visit from some adorable puppies or kittens. From start to finish, Willow and Leo were a delight, and we just had to share some pictures.

With puppy visits, we use as many Fear Free techniques as possible, setting puppies up for a lifetime of low-anxiety visits to the vet.

There are non-slip mats on the exam room table, and we had their “mom” talk to them while they were being examined. We kept the two puppies together as much as possible, and kept the treats coming. Vet visits are fun!

Click through to see some more pictures from Willow and Leo's visit.


With the warm November that we're having, ticks have not gone dormant. They're still around, and they're still questing.


We recently took all the ticks in the picture above off of one dog!

More Remember to check your pets thoroughly after they've been outdoors, and they should still be on preventives. Ticks will continue to be a problem until we have sustained hard frosts and temperatures below 3C.

More About Ticks>>

Smeagol chills on Dr. Ellison’s shoulder after his vaccination. 🥰 😸 

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