February 2014 Newsletter: Want your pet to live longer?, How to tell if your pet has Dental Disease,  Email Reminders, Webstore improvements.
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A dog holding a toothbrush in his mouth.

Want your Pet to live longer?
Book a Dental Exam.

The single greatest health issue facing most pets is poor oral health. Pets in good dental health live an average of two years longer than those with dental disease. We want you to help your pet avoid the pain, health problems, and shortened lifespan that result from poor dental care.

Read more about dental disease, and get a Dental Care Pack with all dental treatments booked and completed by March 31st.

Dog having teeth brushed.

Oral Health Client Classes

We are pleased to once again offer our popular Oral Health Client Class. Join us at 7pm on Thursday, February 20th or February 27th as we cover the following topics: 
  • A review of common dental problems we see in our pets (tooth root abscesses, cavities in dogs, resorptive lesions in cats).
  • The importance of good dental healthcare. 
  • What happens during a dental procedure at Blue Cross Animal Hospital?
  • Tips to keep your pets teeth clean and gums healthy at home.
  • How to brush your pet's teeth.
  • Healthymouth, Dental Diets, Chews and Treats.

Sign up for the Oral Health Client Class

Did You Know?

Dogs and Cats both have “baby teeth”, just like humans. As in humans, these teeth usually fall out on their own, but when your pet is here to be spayed or neutered we check to see if any have been improperly retained.

Does your pet have dental disease?

  • Is there brown buildup around the teeth or along the gum line?
  • Are the gums red, swollen, or bleeding?
  • Are there gaps where teeth are missing?
  • Is your cat or dog over two years old and has never had a dental exam?
  • Does your pet’s breath smell?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, your pet likely has significant dental health issues. Call or email us to book a dental exam and put your pet on track to good oral health.
Vet examining cat's mouth.
Dog looking at a computer with the Blue Cross Animal Hospital logo.

Introducing Email Reminders!

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, and to make reminders as convenient as possible for our clients, over the next few months, we will be transitioning from a paper mail reminder system to email reminders for all medical and vaccine reminders.

To be sure that these important emails don't get sent to the spam or junk folder in your email program, you should update your address book to include "".

If you use Gmail, you may find that these reminders initially go to the Promotions tab. To ensure that future reminders go to your Primary tab, or any other tab you designate, simply drag the initial reminder to the appropriate tab, or right click on it, and select the tab you want. In either case, Google will ask you if you want the change to apply to to future emails, and you can select “yes”.

Watch your inbox for upcoming reminders!
Cat looking at a computer with Blue Cross Animal Hospital logo.

Webstore Enhancements

We recently released a significant back-end update to our Webstore, bringing great improvements to the user experience. Read more about the changes, and let us know what you think.

It's great time to check out the Webstore selection and the convenience of having your pet products delivered. All non-prescription orders over $75.00 ship free.

Shop the Webstore now!

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