November is Senior Pet Month! Save on health testing for older pets.
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An older dog looking to camera.

November is Senior Pet Month!

In recognition of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, we have declared November to be Senior Pet Month here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. We'll discuss the benefits, the worries, the health concerns, and what you–and we–can do to care for them.

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A senior cat watching the world.

Did you Know? The “Senior Years” begin at Seven.

That's when dogs and cats start to become more at risk for many age-related illnesses such as dental disease, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease. Early diagnosis is often the key to preventing these conditions from progressing, and to ensuring that your dog or cat doesn't deteriorate or suffer unnecessary discomfort.  

We feel so strongly that a thorough health exam is the key to catching health problems early, and keeping your pet healthy and comfortable, that we’re going to make it a bit easier. From now until November 30th, we’re offering a chance to save on our Senior Pet Blood Profile and Urinalysis. Regularly valued at $190.00, in November the Senior Pet Blood Profile and Urinalysis will be only $165+HST. This is a great chance to save $25 on some strongly recommended care for your pet. 

We want to see your Senior Pet!

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A senior dog lying on the floor.

Are you sure your Older Pet is Really Healthy?


Pets are extremely good at hiding pain and disease.

We've got some tips on how to care for an older pet, and a short list of warning signs that may mean your dog or cat is suffering from a hidden health problem. 

Are you Sure I’m Really Healthy?
A cat scratching.

It’s high season for Fleas & Ticks.

With the long fall, and still no sustained frosts, we are seeing exceptional numbers of fleas and ticks. 

Fleas and ticks can cause serious disease and discomfort in both people and pets. All the pets in your household should be protected from both fleas and ticks.

Tick Prevention

All dogs should be on Tick Preventatives such as Advantix or Nexguard. There is no safe tick preventative for cats, and any effective topical preventative for dogs may be very toxic to cats. Keep your cat away from your dog for 24 hours after using any topical anti-tick treatment. 

More about Flea & Tick Prevention in Dogs >>
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Flea Prevention: Permethrin Toxicity in Cats 

Not all Flea Control Products are Created Equal. There is an enormous selection of Flea Control Products available from various sources. Some are effective, some are not. Some are accurately labelled, some are not. Most importantly, many treatments for dogs and houses use Permethrin as their active ingredient. Permethrin is highly toxic to cats, causing seizures and life-threatening muscle tremors.

Ask us for advice, Always read the label, and Never use a product intended for dogs on a cat.

More about Choosing a Flea Control Product >>
Tiger the cat napping on a desk.

Tiger: Our Resident Senior

This month's Instagram highlight is Tiger, A lovely old fellow who has been hanging out with the staff in our second floor offices for some time. He doesn't mind posing for the odd photo--as long as he can keep napping.

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A dog in a halloween costume.

Be Safe at Halloween

Everyone loves a Spooktacular Saturday Night, but a few precautions will make sure the evening stays enjoyable.

Read our list of tips to keep your pets safe at Halloween.

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