February is Pet Dental Health Month.
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A cat showing off a full set of teeth.

Introducing Dental X-ray

Complimentary Digital Dental Xray until March 31st

We are incredibly proud and excited that we are now offering Digital Dental X-rays. This significant equipment investment has already allowed us to pick up many, many hidden issues in the pets we have treated. Every problem we can identify and treat during a current cleaning is an issue that won't remain hidden in your pets mouth, waiting to present a problem further down the line. 

Poor Dental Health is one of the most significant health problems facing most pets, leading not just to foul breath, decay and pain in their mouths, but potentially to serious internal health problems.

We believe so strongly in the health benefits that Dental X-ray will bring to your pet, that as part of Veterinary Dental Month, we are including Dental X-rays at no charge for all Dental Cleanings & Treatments completed by March 31st. We strongly urge you to take advantage of this fantastic offer by booking a dental exam for your pet to see if he or she needs dental cleaning or treatment.

Learn what our Vets and Technicians see on this Dental X-ray >>

Book a Dental Cleaning & Treatment with Complimentary X-ray

Not Sure if your Pet Needs Dental Cleaning or Treatment?

  • Is there brown buildup around the teeth or along the gum line?

  • Are the gums red, swollen, or bleeding?

  • Are there gaps where teeth are missing?

  • Is your cat or dog over two years old and has never had a dental exam?

  • Does your pet’s breath smell?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then your pet likely has significant dental health issues. Book a Dental Exam. We'll check out your pet's mouth, alert you to any problems that we find, and set you on the road to future dental health.

Learn more about the importance of Dental Health >>
Book a Dental Exam for your Pet

Other Dental Month Bonuses

  • Get a complimentary bag of Hill’s T/D Oral Health cat or dog food with every Dental Treatment.
  • Get a complimentary Dental Care Pack with every Dental Treatment.

Dental Toys and Chews

We have a wide range of toys, treats and chews to help you keep your pets teeth healthy. Ask our front desk, or sign in to the Webstore and search for “dental”. If you have any questions, your vet would be happy to recommend an appropriate toy, chew or dental diet for your pet.

Log in to the Webstore >>

Contact Voltage Reminder

Caused by corrosion or loosening of wires, Contact Voltage occurs when electricity that should be running through wires comes in contact with other nearby equipment and electrifies it. This equipment then poses serious shock hazard to both people and pets, particularly if the street is wet or snowy.

Learn how to avoid Contact Voltage and what to do if you encounter it >>
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