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Hello again! I think this winter has definitely overstayed it’s welcome. I'm sure many of you would agree. To inspire an early arrival of spring, underwent a much needed facelift. The website update includes the addition of some of my recent projects – some of which I have featured below. Have a look. Feel free to get in touch if you could use my design expertise this spring or just to say hello – wherever you may be.



A colleague at Havas Life (formerly Euro RSCG) referred me to this client in need of branding help for a reclaimed vintage furniture design studio located here in Ontario, Canada. It was a rare pleasure to take on a challenge of branding a company with whom I share a nickname. My client wanted the logo and the design studio to be friendly, inviting and reflect a modern vintage look. I needed to give life to the term “soft industrial” – the term my client used to describe the feel of the studio and the company. We are thrilled with the result.

I had the pleasure of developing the brand identity of Manhattan’s first — and only — Baptiste style (hot) power yoga studio (opened Nov 2013 in TriBeCa). From the first conversation with my client (renowned fitness instructor and cofounders, Bethany Lyons and John Murray) I knew this was no ordinary yoga studio. This logo needed to be fierce. It needed to reflect a bold confidence not typically associated with yoga studios. Bethany Lyons and Zovig Garboushian (marketing consultant and project manager) knew not only how to clearly communicate their vision, they live and breathe their vision everyday. Needless to say, we’re all quite pleased with the result. Truly a fantastic team. 

Not surprisingly, Lyons Den Power Yoga has already been voted Best New Yoga Studio by I’m so thrilled for my clients and happy to have given shape to this brand. Continued success in 2014!


To coincide with this month’s launch of the new menu, I had the honour of rebranding Toronto’s very first modern Filipino restaurant. The big challenge was to give visual representation to an authentic but modern take of Filipino cuisine that still maintained a distinct Filipino identity without relying on the cliché ethnic identifiers. The integration of ethnic, graphic patterns was important to the client. Described as “the next big thing” by Bizarre Foods (Travel Channel) host Andrew Zimmern, Filipino cuisine sits on the tipping point of mainstream popularity. Lamesa has the distinct honour of introducing Filipino cuisine to the city of Toronto. Their brand identity needed to reflect the pride for Filipino heritage, their creativity and style. It needed to be contemporary, bold and approachable – not unlike their fantastic food. It also needed to help captivate the cuisine’s new growing audience: the new generation of Filipinos as well as food lovers of all backgrounds.

As someone with Filipino heritage, I look forward to seeing what’s next for Lamesa and what’s next for Filipino food! 

lamesa filipino kitchen


The goal of this LA-based startup is to turn exercise haters into exercise lovers. The website needed to provide a safe and friendly place for people to: learn about and/or begin an exercise routine and even complain about exercising. The brand’s visual vocabulary needed to be approachable/non-intimidating, have a (cheeky) sense of humour and be easily understood. My client wanted to let users feel that they’re not alone. Unlike most fitness-related websites, this site needed to not have too sleek, idealized imagery of models who are already very physically fit. But it still needed to be clean, modern and easy to understand. 



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