Loyola 2022 Congress | Newsletter n.2
Xavier Jeyaraj SJ, Secretary of Social Justice and Ecology from the General Curia of the Society of Jesus (SJES), and Fala Valery SJ, the Communications Coordinator of the Secretariat in Rome invite you to join the Loyola 2022 Justice and Ecology Congress.
Our first “invitational video”, two weeks ago, was coming from Brussels, where the JCEP (the “coordination structure” of the Jesuit Provincials of Europe and Near East) has its main office. Now it comes from the Curia in Rome, where Xavier Jerayaj SJ and Fala Valery SJ, together with their collaborators in the SJES  (Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat) work, in their mission of coordinating the social work of the entire Society of Jesus in all continents. The Loyola  2022 Congress  is  truly  being  organized by many people from many places, so that it becomes a truly shared and built-together encounter for all.

And in these last couple of weeks, we have been “fine tuning” some of the elements of the Congress: themes and focus of the workshops, registration through the networks, planning internal and external communication, etc. There’s an explicit desire that the Congress addresses not only the “head” (getting to know more) and the “hands” (fostering action for change), but also the “heart” (being a personal and communitarian experience of conversion). So may Saint Ignatius’ “presence” and blessing, as we’ll be in his birth place, inspire us and keep us on this track. Take care, and we stay in touch!

The Congress Organizing Team
 Illustration: Ignasi Flores ©
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