Loyola 2022 Congress  |  2 May 2022
Dear Friends,
It is with feelings of joy and sadness that we send out this final edition of the Loyola 2022 Congress Newsletter. It has been a great journey from the very beginning, with the early videos and texts, and especially the wonderful gathering in Loyola four weeks ago, “built” together by so many people. Now, with the publication of the Carbon Footprint report, the sending of the Congress Evaluation, and the presentation of the overall results and feedback to the European provincials, the event procedures come to an end. 
All the people who were in Loyola received a small “seed” to be planted. Literally and metaphorically, this means the Loyola 2022 journey does not finish here. The Congress is intended to bear fruit in our institutions and in our lives. “Called to a Conversion” is the name of the Congress final document. So may our work keep on fostering a better and fairer world, specially with those in suffering and need. May our lives keep on witnessing the commitment of Ignatius towards that vision, together with the Risen Christ in his Easter joy, who keeps teaching us what is the “life in full” that we all long for.

JESC Organizing Team
JESC just published the Loyola Congress 2022 Carbon Footprint Report. In line with the Congress' push for the deepening of our ecological consciousness and concrete action, the report aims to throw light on the environmental impact of the Loyola Justice and Ecology Congress with regards to CO2 emissions.

The presented analysis covers transport, stay, IT, diet and consumption related sources of emissions, and includes potential scenarios of emissions reduction to be considered for future events.
Read the Report
Marta Romay, Communications Coordinator of Fundació Migra Studium, has send us the final Loyola 2022 Congress drawing that highlights the topics discussed at the Congress and present in the final Congress Document. You can download the PDF version here.
A part of the closing Congress procedures was to present an evaluation to the European Provincials which happened last week in Rodízio (Sintra, Portugal). There the Provincials had their regular bi-annual meeting. The presentation was led by Peter Rožič SJ and Filipe Martins SJ, of the Congress Organizing Team.
The Provincials also shared feedback they received from the participants of their Provinces. “It was good to explore and deepen the connection between the UAPs and our social apostolate”. “Participants from my Province were struck by the ecological dimension, and the way it can integrate our work and lives”. “A great opportunity for lay people to get to know better the spirit that moves the Society of Jesus”. “The feeling of belonging to one body was very palpable, and it will undoubtedly bear fruit in the years to come”. A loud applause of appreciation and gratefulness to all who made the Congress possible finished the encounter.
Following the ignatian tradition, no event can be considered closed before a proper evaluation. All the participants received a detailed evaluation form a week after the Congress, and the results are out now. Among many other things, there is much appreciation towards the preparation dynamics of the Congress. Its organization and contents (modules, workshops, final document, spiritual dynamics and network meetings) were highly valued, together with good suggestions regarding the group dynamics, the schedule, and especially the “ecology signs” (that could have been developed further). Finally, the Congress was considered to have achieved the two main goals: “to strengthen the body of the social apostolate in Europe” and “to align the mission, needs and resources of the networks”. The Congress was almost unanimously considered to have caused a “good”/”very good” impact on the participants as well as on the participants' organizations. A summary of the evaluation can be found here.

Soraia Ribeiro, JESC Communications Officer leading the Communications team of the Congress, will leave to Africa to start a one-year mission with the United Nations. We wish her the best of luck in the future.
JESC is recruiting a Junior Communications Officer for its team in Brussels. The successful candidate will support the implementation of JESC's communication activities by creating content for the website, drafting written and audiovisual material for external communication as well as for the organisation’s flagship programs. Learn more and apply here.

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Video recap of the week of the Loyola 2022 Congress, that took place from 28th March to 1st April 2022 at Loyola, Spain. The entire set of contents are available in the Congress website.
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