Loyola 2022 Congress | Newsletter n.10
Barbara Segaert and Erik De Bom, Project Coordinators at UCSIA, invites us to join the Loyola 2022 Justice and Ecology Congress.
The video in this edition comes from our partner ignatian institution University Centre Saint-Ignatius (UCSIA) in Antwerp, Belgium. UCSIA has its origin in the work of the Flemish Jesuits, who founded and run the university for 150 years, before passing it to the state not long ago. As Barbara and Erik, some other participants will come not specifically from our five European justice networks, but rather from other “brother institutions and networks” (secondary and high education, ecology and migration, also people from the General Curia, etc).

Cross-sectorial collaboration is another one of the goals of the Congress. As one of the paragraphs of the Preparatory Document beautifully says, “for many of us, this is the first time we have attended an event of this nature. We all have important work that demands much of us, so it is natural that our attention is captured by what is in front of us. The connection that we might have to people doing similar work in another nation may not be immediately obvious, nevermind the link that might exist between us and those who are pursuing what seems like entirely different work. Yet as we all make our way to Loyola, the fact is that we travel in the same direction. We come from our own place, with our particular concerns, and the Congress will be a success largely to the extent that we can share openly about the place we occupy, about the challenges we face, and the possibilities that might emerge when we find partners in mission we did not know about”. The Congress is now around the corner, so it’s time to start getting our hearts and minds ready.

The Congress Organizing Team
 Photo: ELP (European Leadership Program) Fellows in Antwerp University, JESC
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