Loyola 2022 Congress | Newsletter n.4
Katrin Morales, from the Jesuit Mission Office in Vienna and Luis Arancibia, Social Delegate of the Spanish Province, invite you to join the Loyola 2022 Justice and Ecology Congress.
The Social Apostolate Delegates’ network, whose invitation to Loyola come to us through Luis Arancibia (Spain) and Katrin Morales (Austria), is another one of the ignatian justice networks operating across Europe and Near East. While the other four (Jesuit Refugee Service, Xavier Network, Social Centres and Eco-jesuits) are focused on specific areas (refugees and migrants, emergency and cooperation with the Global South, research and advocacy, ecology), this network encompass the remaining institutions which give an answer to the many remaining social challenges across the continent. 

In a survey conducted in 2017, the entire European social sector counted then with more than 150 institutions, employing around 1300 people in collaboration with more than 9100 regular volunteers. Apart from the specific sectors mentioned above, other areas of work include supporting homeless, helping families in situation of poverty, providing shelter and/or education to vulnerable minors, ministry in prisons, etc. Collaborators from several of these institutions will also be present in Loyola, adding to the diversity and richness of the meeting and of the small working/sharing groups that will take place there. The Congress’ preparation keeps on the move, we stay in touch.
The Congress Organizing Team
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