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JANEZ JANŠA, Life II [in Progress]
Book Launch 

The Live Art Development Agency presents an evening with the artist Janez Janša and two contributors to the book, Tim Etchells and Adrian Heathfield. Janša will give a short presentation of the project, followed by an open talk with the three guests.

Wednesday January 14, 2015, 8pm
Stoke Newington, London

Location will be provided in confirmation email

All tickets are free. Please reserve in advance HERE

The book Life II [in Progress] is based on an ongoing, long-term project by Janez Janša that accompanies a group of women through pregnancy and motherhood, creating full-figure images, which bear an intense confrontation with the persons photographed.

The images of naked, pregnant women and nursing mothers with their children arouse pleasant feelings, joy, and empathy. At same time, the series of photographs expresses an uncertainty through their repetition and lack of completion, raising fundamental existential questions as to why and how to live. MORE

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