Details of colourful Slovenian events
taking place in London this winter.
Nataliya Gorza & Miha Hodin
Private View
Tuesday 18 December 2012 
5.30 - 7pm

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia
10 Little College Street
London SW1P 3SH

Nataliya Gorza and Miha Hodin are current resident artists of the Slovene Arts & Culture Residency in London, run by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia.
Academically trained at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, both artists use oil paint on canvas as their preferred medium. While Nataliya Gorza finds her voice in figurative painting, Miha Hodin uses a visual language of colour and line to create his abstract compositions.

Shown: Miha Hodin; Aletheia No. 27, Oil on canvas,
97 x 72 cm, 2oo8.

The Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in London
10 Little College Street, London SW1P 3SH