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Mapping of the North Atlantic Ocean Clusters completed

The Iceland Ocean Cluster has published a report about the North Atlantic Ocean Clusters. The main objective of the report was to map ocean clusters in the North Atlantic and to a certain degree the marine-related industries in the different countries. Despite their different strengths and weaknesses, the countries do show many correlations and similarities.

The main message of the report is that these countries are facing similar challenges and that they are equipped with unique know-how and experience which should enable them to find common solutions. They are all relatively small, are facing large competitors, and are in an economic environment in which globalisation is making our world smaller and more competitive. To ensure that they can stay among leading nations, it is important to combine forces and, by doing so, become stronger. Click here to read the full report.

Opening of the Ocean Cluster House

The Ocean Cluster House will open at the Reykjavik harbor beginning of September. Ten ocean high tech companies and supporting services will move into these completely renovated facilities which are approximately 800 square meters. These facilities previously housed the oldest and largest net manufacturing company in Iceland. „The new mission of this house will be to strengthen the network of ocean high tech firms and their internationalisation,“ says Thor Sigfusson managing director at the Iceland Ocean Cluster. The second phase of the renovation will hopefully finish mid next year with another 1000 square meters. „We hope we will have within our facilities around 20 ocean high tech companies and supporting companies at the end of 2013 and the Ocean Cluster house in Iceland may then be a power house in fisheries and processing technology,“ says Thor.

North Atlantic Clusters to meet in Copenhagen in November

The next meeting of the North Atlantic Ocean Cluster project which was initiated by the Iceland Ocean Cluster (IOC) will be held in Copenhagen in November. The Danish Maritime Network will be the host of the meeting. „We are setting the final dates this month in cooperation with associated clusters and institutions from both sides of the Atlantic,“ says Eva Michelsen at the IOC. At this meeting representatives of the clusters will continue to discuss possible cooperation between clusters around the North Atlantic and the outcome of the initial projects which were planned at the meeting of the group in Reykjavik in May will be introduced.   

Economic report receives global coverage

The report „The Importance of the Ocean Cluster for the Icelandic Economy“ published earlier this year by the IOC in cooperation with Islandsbanki was wery well received and was covered by various major news agencies in the seafood industry worldwide. The report seeks to describe the economic importance of the ocean cluster, i.e. the fishing industry and related sectors in Iceland. The IOC continues its economic analysis of the Ocean Cluster and has already begun working on a research project which addresses the economics of by-products in the North Atlantic. Read the report.

August 2012

In this issue

Taxing the Icelandic Fisheries Succes

Taxing Iceland's fisheries success

With fisheries being the backbone of the Icelandic economy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some disagreements have taken place over its regulatory environment. These disputes have nevertheless cast an unduly shadow on the sector’s success in the past years. The levels of efficiency reached with the current fisheries management system have received attention from the global fishing community and the catch limitation system is commonly considered the cornerstone of the fisheries management system. This success now seems to come with a price; taxing which may limit future investments and R&D.  IOCs economists review the situation in Iceland here
Issues and Images Iceland

Turning Waste into Value

Economists at the Iceland Ocean Cluster recently published an article in the magazine Issues and Images Iceland, published by Promote Iceland. The article is about the utilization fish by-products and is a part of a larger research project conducted by the IOC. Click here for the full article.
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