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Hiya all
Welcome to a March missive. The key reason for this one is the fact that there are more dates to mention, including one at Largo Arts Festival in July. There’s also one with Jill Jackson at Fringe by the Sea in August.
Prior to that there’s an outing for Jill’n’me at Stirling Tolbooth in a coupla weeks, on 21st March. I’ve played Tolbooth solo before. It’s a bonnie venue so I’m well up for to being there wi’ Jill. It’s our first full gig since she be came Mum to Buddy last year.
I’m sending this on Friday 13th. I like that. It means little as I’m not in the least superstitious but also, as I turned 13 on Friday 13th May (1960), it’s never been a particularly precarious thing.
Next one for me is Leith Folk Club on Tuesday 17th March. It’s always a pleasure to play Leith so I’m looking forward to that.
First weekend of April, I’ll be out’n’about with Rod Clements. We’ll be at Barnoldswick, Milngavie and Felton. It’s always a pleasure to be with, and make songs with, Rod. He’s a dear friend of now 50 years.
Right now, this wee spell is largely ‘off the road’ and preparing for what’s coming up later in the year. There’s no doubt things contain an uncertainty with regard to whether events will occur or not but, as of today at least, everything stands as planned. As the saying goes, ‘Watch this Space’.
2020’s centrepiece is a sequence of dates devoted to the 50th Anniversary of ‘Do you see the lights?’, my first LP, which was recorded in Jan 1970 and released in September of that year. The shows will feature two sets. One set will be devoted to the LP’s 12 songs, in sequence. The other set will feature songs from the period, many of which appeared on ‘Demos & Rarities Vol One’. They include ‘Turn a deaf ear’, ‘(What would have happened) if I’d stayed around?’, ‘November afternoon’, ‘Long time no see’, ‘It could be you’, ‘Looking up into the sun’, ‘Debts pile high’, ‘Taking the long way home’, ‘Long way round’ and others.
Here's a wee reminder that, to tie in with the ‘Do you see the lights?’ at 50 celebrations, the relevant packages are available in the store for the remainder of the anniversary year.

  1. CDs of Do you see the lights? and Demos & Rarities Vol1. (£15.00 + p&p)
  2. CDs of Do you see the lights?, Demos & Rarities Vol1 and Unlimited Mileage. (£20.00 + p&p)

Here are some forthcoming performances (constantly updated).
Everything cited is confirmed, although the fluid nature of the development of COVID-19 may result in amendments.
SOLO dates
17 Leith                                                 Folk club             
30 Kirkcaldy                                           Acoustic Music Club
18 Lower Largo                                      The Crusoe          
16 Keighley                                           Lemon Tree         
06 Denholm (Hawick)                             Folk Festival         
Do you see the lights? at 50 – more info, and more dates, to come.
17 Kinross                                              Backstage at The Green
27 Glasgow                                           Glad Café          
25 Dundee                                            Clarks on Lindsay Street
21 Ullapool                                            Ceilidh Place          
16 Edinburgh                                         EFC Pleasance                
17 Kirkcaldy                                           Acoustic Music Club
Many others are collaborations so that’s how I’ve listed them.
21 Stirling                                               Tolbooth 
15 North Berwick                                    Fringe by the Sea                       
April 2020
24 Thames Ditton                                   Ram Club              [0208 686 9421]
25 Ascott-under-Wychwood                   Wychwood Folk Club
26 London                                             Green Note         
May 2020                                                        
22 Carnoustie                                        Philip Hall            
23 Linrathen                                          Wee Bear Café Lochside
June 2020
12 London                                             Kalamazoo Club  
18 Northwich                                         Salt Works sessions
03 Barnoldswick                                     Arts Centre          
04 Milngavie                                          The Fraser Centre             
05 Felton (Northumberland)                    Village Hall                       
29 Skegness                                           Great British Folk Festival
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