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Hiya all
Welcome to the initial note of January.
Wishing you all a Happy New Year with Best Wishes for 2019
Back in the depths of the previous century (1975/’76) my pal Iain McLay was working for United Artists Records. They were planning a TV-advertised Slim Whitman Greatest Hits compilation. Iain’s brainwave was to hold the release until after Xmas to capture the Record Token market. It worked, and the record was Number One by the end of January.

Record tokens are now a thing of the past but that’s by way of including a wee reminder that our web store at is open for all sorts of business, with bargains galore (see sample below).

  1. Welcome to Anniversaryville CD - £10.00
  2. The Treatment Tapes EP CD - £5.00
  3. I’m walkin’ here LP - £10.00
  4. Bridging the Gaps CD - £10.00
  5. Red Pump Special + The Treatment Tapes EP CDs - £10.00
  6. Welcome to Anniversaryville sleeveart print - £5.00

All of the above are + P&P £2.50
They are available for another week (until Tuesday 13th January).

Here are some forthcoming performances.
My first one of 2019 will be a guest spot with Jill Jackson at her Celtic Connections show.
It’s at The Mackintosh Church on Friday 25th
29 Leith   Victoria Park House hotel                        
9 Craiglockhart                          Craiglockhart Church
8 A night in celebration of Jim Hyndman (details to follow).

The rest are all collaborations so that’s how I’ve listed them.

28 Barnoldswick - The Arts Centre

01 Doncaster  - Roots Music Club
02 Cherry Burton - Cherry Burton Arts

03 Sedgefield - Manor House
05 Wath – Wath Festival
With Barbara Dickson
21 Portsoy Boat Festival
24 Poole
25 Taunton
26 Bromsgrove
(fuller details to follow)
With Allan Taylor
4-7  Skagen Festival
With Brooks Williams
April 2020
25 Wychwood Folk Club
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