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Hiya all
On this, the  final day of May, I send you a further weekly Kickstarter update. We are now approaching the three-quarters mark, both in terms of timetable and target. Yesterday we reached 100 Pledges so ‘Thanks’ and ‘it’s much appreciated’ to all who’ve made a mark so far.
It’s time to to add a little something to the Rewards. There are two new ones. Please take a look. They each feature a freshly-made guitar’n’voice recording of a half-dozen new songs. They’ve all been written since the tracks for the record were all decided upon.
One Reward (which comes up as Number One) is the tracks themselves for £5.00. This can either stand alone or be an add-on. The other (which comes up as Number Seven) is a £30.00 package which includes the songs. The tracks will be available as good-res Downloads.
In addition, a few Rewards contain an invitation to a launch in Lochgelly Centre in Fife on Wednesday August 29th. There’ll be a concert element to that with nearly all the band members. (Dear Jill can’t be there as she’ll be touring in Holland).
There will, of course, also be opportunities to buy tickets for this in a wee while.
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