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Hiya all
Here’s a latish January reminder that the Bandcamp store at still contains the gift of Demos and Rarities Vol3. It’ll be there as a FREE download until the end of the month.
Don’t forget the seasonal bargain available at the store –
‘Bridging the Gaps’, an album containing LPs released in 1972/1978 and 1980.
All three LPs are placed chronologically on this double-CD which, including bonus songs totals 37 tracks.
It’s normally priced at £9.99 for download (full album only – a licence stipulation) and £14.99 + P&P for CDs.
Until the end of January it’ll be priced at £6.99 for download and £9.99 + P&P for CDs.
There’s a 4-star review in the current issue of RnR (Rock’n’Reel) from Ian Taylor.
This BBC Radio Scotland programme from Jan 2nd remains available on the BBC iPlayer until Jan 30th/31st.
Back in April 2017 I appeared on the station’s Travelling Folk. I talked about the impetus for The Treatment Tapes EP and the circumstances around the construction of the songs. An Aberdeen-based senior producer, Helen Needham, heard it and spotted a feature idea. She secured a commission and we got to work making this:-
There are shows to look forward to this coming couple of weeks at Celtic Connections. There is no concert of my own this year but I’m on four separate multi-artist events. More detail appears below.
The entire CC2018 programme and ticket access are available here:
27 Celtic Connections               Roaming Roots Review              GRCH
A multi-artist event celebrating Tom Petty
28 Celtic Connections               Northern Star                            GRCH
A multi-artist event featuring Songs of Canada
29 Celtic Connections               Dale Watson & his Lone Stars      GRCH                  as guest on ‘50 Years of Johnny Cash’s “Live at Folsom Prison” LP’
01 Celtic Connections               Arrest this moment                     Pavilion Theatre
with others – celebrating the life and work of Michael Marra in Words and Music
And here’s the first solo show in February
02 Butesong                              Songwriters’ Festival                  Glenburn Hotel, Isle of Bute


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