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Hiya all
Welcome to this, the first missive in September and the first in some time. I don’t have to tell you what’s been dominating events right now as COVID-19 continues to affect, and change, circumstances in ways hitherto unseen.  
There are no shows and there haven’t been any for six months. Activity has plummeted, along with all related income. In the absence of gigs the merch sales are slow. None at the venues of course but online slows down too. I guess most folks who read this, now irreguar, communication will have many of them.
Nevertheless, I’ll cut to the chase with the price-cuts at the shop:-
From now until the end of November all CDs are £7.99 / download £5.99
EPs are £4.99 / download £3.99
My Lockdown has been that odd, yet prevalent, combination of inertia and activity. I cannae get my head round the weird’n’wonky bit where part of us is frozen in March/April and the other is romping through 2020 at a rate of knots.
I am of course not alone here, everyone’s planned gigs have evaporated. The most significant casualty for me was the sequence of shows where I was gonna celebrate the 50th anniversary of my first LP with a few special performances. One set was to be the whole album in sequence with the other being songs from 1969/’70 which weren’t on the record. I am contemplating rescheduling for next year and celebrate the 51st (or maybe it’ll even be a 52nd).
I’m missing gigs, obviously, but I must admit, financially it’s a lot worse for many others than it is for me. So many people have just had the bottom drop out.
I’ve been doing quite a bit with the Musicians’ Union and STUC, taking part in various conversations with ScotGov and others to highlight predicaments and hopefully raise awareness and encourage support.
My MU EC activity gives me a monthly trip to London for the main meeting. All of those, of course, have now been cancelled, in person, for the remainder of the year. Meetings are taking place on the Zoom platform which is reasonably effective. I’ve been on the EC, an extremely valuable forum, for 16 years now and I’m missing my trips south. I hope they haven’t gone for ever.
I have been getting into some more writing so, hopefully, that’ll see the light of day in time.
I’ve largely kept off the internet in terms of performance. It’s not real performance without the audience transaction. Also, there are plenty auld blokes sitting down with acoustic guitars warbling away - HaHa. I was invited to deliver a song for The Scotsman Sessions. Here’s the link:  
Here’s a link to something Val McDermid wrote for the National Theatre of Scotland / BBC online series ‘Scenes for Survival’. It’s called ‘First Things’, and is a single-hander with Elaine C Smith. Val invited me to provide the closing song.
It was broadcast on the BBC Scotland channel so is available on iPlayer;-
Here’s a final link to something that appeared earlier in the year back in April in fact. Lorraine Wilson invited me to prepare and submit 10 things that changed my life for the Sunday National. This’ll take you to the online version. No photos but all text is there.
Here's a wee reminder that, to tie in with the ‘Do you see the lights?’ at 50 celebrations, the relevant packages are available in the store for the remainder of the anniversary year.

  1. CDs of Do you see the lights? and Demos & Rarities Vol1. (£13.00 + p&p)
  2. CDs of Do you see the lights?, Demos & Rarities Vol1 and Unlimited Mileage. (£17.00 + p&p)

On Friday (September 4th) Bandcamp, who are the cyber-machinery behind the shop, will be waiving their fees (it’s a first-week-of-the-month thing – Bandcamp Friday). That means we, the artists, have a slightly larger share than usual.
Here are some (very few) forthcoming performances (constantly updated).
Everything cited is confirmed, although the fluid nature of the development of COVID-19 may result in amendments.
5 Thames Ditton                                     Ram Club              [0208 686 9421]
19 Barnoldswick
20 Milngavie
21 Felton
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