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Hiya all
Welcome to January and welcome to 2018 with a Happy New Year from here.
We hope you all had a good festive period and are set to meet who-knows-what challenges in the coming year.
For anyone who’s interested, this month (January) has two fiull moons. The first, a SuperMoon known as Wolf Moon, was overnight 1st/2nd. The second will be on the 31st so therefore qualifies as a Blue Moon. D’ya feel a song coming on? Here’s something I found in a restaurant in NYC called Café Loup. This is;-
Wolf Credo
Respect the elders
Teach the young
Cooperate with the pack
Play when you can
Hunt when you must
Rest in between
Share your affections
Voice your feelings
Leave your mark
Back in April 2017 I appeared on BBC Radio Scotland’s Travelling Folk. I talked about the impetus for The Treatment Tapes EP and the circumstances around the construction of the songs. An Aberdeen-based senior producer, Helen Needham, heard it and spotted a feature idea. She secured a commission and we got to work making this:- It went out January 2nd and will be available on the BBC iPlayer until Jan 29th/30th.
The Bandcamp store at still contains the gift of Demos and Rarities Vol3. It’ll be there as a FREE download until the end of the month.
Don’t forget the other titles, bargains and bundles available at the store particularly the most recent –
‘Bridging the Gaps’, an album LPs released in 1972/1978 and 1980.
All three LPs are placed chronologically on this double-CD which, including bonus songs totals 37 tracks.
It’s normally priced at £9.99 for download (full album only – a licence stipulation) and £14.99 + P&P for CDs.
Until the end of January it’ll be priced at £6.99 for download and £9.99 + P&P for CDs.
All to wish you the best for the opening of 2018
There will be shows to look forward to next year 2018 including a couple of Celtic Connections appearances. There is no concert of my own this year but I’m on a couple of multi-artist events. More detail appears below.
The entire CC2018 programme and ticket access are available here:
I hope to see you at one or other of early 2018’s appearances.
28 Celtic Connections                         Northern Star                                   GRCH
A multi-artist event featuring Songs of Canada
29 Celtic Connections                Dale Watson & his Lone Stars                  GRCH                                                                                                         as guest on ‘50 Years of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison LP’
01 Celtic Connections                 Arrest this moment                    Pavilion Theatre
with others – celebrating the life and work of Michael Marra in Words and Music
02 Butesong                       Songwriters’ Festival   Glenburn Hotel, Isle of Bute     


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