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Hiya all
Welcome to the month of July.  And welcome to the prolonged sunshine and warmth we’re enjoying (in the UK anyway). You will note I was as good as my word and held back from multiple posts in June.
There certainly had been a few in May, many of them devoted to the progress of the Kickstarter campaign. This closed on June 9th, comfortably over the target of £5,000.00. Thanks to everyone who took part and supported us. I am current knee-deep in CDs, envelopes and stamps as I make my way through the list of Rewards.
The album was well into production in May when the campaign commenced and the proceeds from the Pledges are now playing a very valuable part in clearing the credit-card debt, settling the final studio costs and meeting the promo expenses.

The record, ‘Welcome to Anniversaryville’ is set for official release on July 13th. There’s a helpful wee pre-release deal until the release-date on There, it’s currently going for £12.99 + p&p. It’ll be the full 14.99 + p&p after July 13th.
Here are a couple of, to my mind, engagingly perceptive reviews:

For now, we’d obviously love you to buy from our site but the record will also be available in stores and online.
If Amazon’s your preferred retailer the here’s their link to a pre-release order.
If you’re gonna be in Edinburgh do take some time to see the Rip it Up exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland. It’s the story of Pop in Scotland, from the 1950s to the present day. It’s well worth a visit.
There are a few dates coming up in August. Two are at the Fringe in Edinburgh. Details are below, alongside notice of the launch event for ‘Welcome to Anniversaryville’.
Over and above the AMC shows, I’ll be part of another event during the Fringe. This is supported by Scottish CND.
There are also a couple of ‘In Conversation’ events where I’ll be the ‘interviewer’. They each take place at The Stand’s New Town Theatre at noon.
One is on August 17th, with my long-time pal Barbara Dickson.     
The other is on  August 21st, with KT Tunstall.
Another forthcoming August appearance is the Official Launch of the ‘Welcome to Anniversaryville’ album at the Lochgelly Centre on Wednesday 29th August. There’ll be an exhibition of artist Celie Byrne’s work, some socialising and a concert set. This’ll be with members of the 70/50 in 2017 band, who all made marvellous contributions to the record, playing songs from it. The link to this is below.

12 Edinburgh (Fringe)       AMC (now at Ukranain Community Centre)
This show is with Jill Jackson

20 Edinburgh (Fringe)      AMC (now at Ukranain Community Centre)                                              
This show is a Solo performance
29 Lochgelly                     Lochgelly Centre                         
Launch event, including a full-band set, for ‘Welcome to Anniversaryville’
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