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Pueblo Nuevo


A disciple: Edgar is a young man who’s been attending church since we started, but has been very faithful since he finally moved to Puebla. He’s growing in his new faith and is truly counting the cost. And, he’s experiencing pressure at work because of his stand for Christ. Luke 9:23 says “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” As we’re reminded by the events in Iraq, there are many levels of cost to following Christ, but we’re thankful to be walking with Edgar in this.

A church: “We see that you’re a close group of people.” Recently a mom said that to one of our co-leaders. Her son has started to come to martial arts and flag football. They live down the street from our meeting place and have apparently been watching us! Pray that watching leads to more! In the months since we last wrote (sorry!) we’ve hosted four US teams doing sports camps (football, basketball, martial arts), work with students, and hard physical labor. We’ve divided our growing Bible study into two.  We’ve given workshops in the high school (photo at right), and finished another school year. And God is faithful. A young man just last week told of his profession of faith. We’ve had a young lady from our years-ago children’s Bible club start tentatively coming. And we continue to see growth, and struggles, and advances in new believers.

A house: We’re almost done! Even though we’ve done very little of the actual physical work on the house, we’ve been very involved and are thankful at how well things have gone. We’re on the final details (doors, electricity) and hope to move in by the end of this month. Then we’ll move on to the project of building the ministry center. We’re so thankful for God’s provision.
Football camp

Sports camp

Football: July 21-26 was football week. We grew from 25 players/coaches (teen players act as coaches) to over 50. We’re thankful for Grace Fellowship Church of Tunkhannock, PA for their hard work and enthusiasm in working with us on that. During each session we shared with kids from the life of Jesus. We’re confident that faithfully modeling and teaching the Gospel will bear fruit with kids and their families.
Teens New Friends

Youth rally

Videos: In June with Fellowship Bible Church from Springfield, OH we culminated 3 days of youth workshops with a video rally. Young people in teams ran around the neighborhood taking videos of themselves being silly. We had great attendance, and again, shared the Gospel effectively with many kids.

Help Wanted

We'll be talking about visiting you for our upcoming furlough in this space soon...


  1. Summer's work: The work done in Pueblo Nuevo this summer with groups and activities.
  2. Growth: Growth in new believers at church. Many are inviting and witnessing to family and neighbors.
  3. House: The progress on the house.


  1. Leadership: We’re taking the next two Saturdays for evaluation and planning as a team. Pray for wisdom and submission to the Lord’s will as we seek to move forward in evangelism and discipleship.
  2. School starts!: We’re beginning homeschooling on Monday! Regular schools begin as well, so we’ll be getting underway there as well.
  3. Furlough: We’re planning a 6-month furlough in January, so please pray for all the implies: handing off responsibilities here, travel, housing in Tacoma, scheduling, etc.
We thank you for your prayers!
Tim, Barbara-Lee, Drew, Gavin, Fiona
In the HS


  1. Summer's work.
  2. Growth.
  3. House.


  1. Leadership.
  2. School starts!
  3. Furlough.
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