Joy's 7th eNewsletter, August 2016
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Joy’s 7th eNewsletter
August 2016

My life is taking a new direction. This new direction grows from being at the bedside of people who are leaving this world to preparing people for life and living before they die. The important questions we all need to ask are: “Why are we here?” “How do I want to be remembered?” and perhaps “How well did I serve the Greater Good?”

The first in a series of Soul Talks took place on July 26th 2016. The event took place at the Freemasons’’ Hall in Adelaide. The first presenter from Diane Bellchambers who spoke about the significance of dreams. This session was followed by Stephanie Jarrett likening the body to a computer that needed to be defragged from time to time. Stephanie demonstrated with a volunteer from the course how to release the unconscious energy body’s blockages and so achieve balance. After lunch Liz Gauci demonstrated in a practical session what can be raised to awareness with Art Therapy. Here is a sample of this work:

Liz encouraged us to mindfully draw a stream to represent our lives. When I questioned the art on the left, which to my eye, looked more like a lake, Rosemary DeMeyrick explained that the water (of life) came to the surface for a time, flowed and then returned to its source. That is a profound insight which was just one of the drawings sharing in this deep way.

Ruby Johnson presented the final session and immediately the energy in the room rose. Ruby has a gift to engage and to explain in simple terms our different bodies. We are all aware of our physical body and maybe less aware of our emotional, mental, etheric (the energy body that connects the physical body to higher energetic bodies) and causal body (which veils the higher energy body or soul).

This is the feedback from one participant:

“Thanks a lot for your organising. That was my first time to join this kind of talks in Australia and I feel very beneficial, a pure and nice experience of talking with my heart. You know, it's really hard for us, of this age, to calm down, relax and dialog with our heart to find out inner peace. Especially for our new immigrants, We have to face various pressure from new life and work. You lead us to the right path, nourish our spirit...again thank you for your great effort. I will share and promote these events with my friends who may be also interested…”

From another:

“Thank you for your wonderful work in organising the Soul Talks....right up my alley! I felt energised after last Tuesday's sessions... I really did get a lot from all four of them and have been thinking about aspects of them since then. All the presenters were passionate and interesting; I especially enjoyed listening to Liz and found the art activity quite emotional... and of course I'd like to hear more from Ruby - what a dynamic girl!”

And another:

Joy, thank you for Tuesday’s workshop on connecting with your soul. I enjoyed all the presenters and plan to investigate my dreams in more detail. My friend Simone enjoyed the day, and was delighted with the whole event. The food was healthy and excellent for the cold weather. I look forward to your next educational event. All well presented.”

These programs cannot be offered without sponsorship. I am grateful to Bird in Hand Foundation for sponsorship thus far. Other offers appreciated.

I urge readers to go to events on the website to register for the next series on August 26th:

What follows is an editorial I wrote in the hope of accompanying an advertisement:

Where has all the soul talk gone?

Joy Nugent, the author of “As Good As Goodbyes Get – a window into death and dying” and a palliative care nurse for almost 3 decades, says: “There was a time when souls were referred to as ‘a good soul’, ‘an adventurous soul’ and ‘an old soul’. Having a soul was taken for granted.”

‘In spite of a more holistic approach to death and dying with the advent of palliative care joining main stream health care, the notion of a person being a soul, and life being a soul journey, seems to take second place to pain and symptom management.’

‘That journey begins at birth and continues until the death of the physical body.   Spiritual traditions, from ancient to modern, view the purpose of the soul’s journey in life to progress, or purify, the soul in some way.  This requires an element of self-awareness and striving to find meaning.  For those who believe in reincarnation, as Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing did, it takes many lifetimes to perfect the soul.  

Other options to a belief in a body-less state are beliefs in a heaven or hell or in having no soul that outlasts the body.  Perhaps this unknown is why so many people are fearful of dying and experience a prolonged dying and limbo phase, as seen in too many elderly, rather than a happy and hopeful living phase.’  This is not a reflection on nursing home care but perhaps a result of neglecting the soul.

Joy Nugent is promoting regular and centrally located ‘Soul Talk’ seminars and says that there are many small groups of people doing excellent personal growth and energy work.  She feels there are benefits to be gained by giving people more choices and that many complementary therapies can assist allopathic, or traditional, medicine by encouraging people to be more self-reliant and self-responsible.  

 Soul ‘wounds’ frequently become first apparent in the physical body.  The physical symptoms in grief are well documented and include loss of appetite, insomnia, headaches and anxiety, to mention a few.  Grief is a process and it can be buried in the unconscious and reduce quality of life for years.  It is Joy’s experience that by using techniques such as Life Alignment and Art Therapy, (alongside the work of the GP), the human capacity to improve the soul’s destiny is strengthened.

A book I am reading at present is by Michael Newton, PhD and titled Destiny of SoulsIt is a record of case studies of life between lives.

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