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Welcome to Term 2

Hi all,

Welcome back after your Easter break. I'm really looking forward to a super term with you. I have some awesome workouts planned to really push the limits of your strength and fitness. As I've often said, to get the results you want you have to put in the effort – they don’t come for free. So dig deep and throw yourself into every training session and give it everything you’ve got. I know you can do it!

You don’t even have to think about how to train to get the best results, I've done all the thinking for you. You just have to turn up and do! I find when most people are left to their own devices and have to think about how to train and what to do, they usually just end up talking themselves out of it. So, stay fit and motivated this term, train hard follow it up with healthy eating and you’ll get the body you want. Simple!

You are what you eat. I can't tell you how true this is. If you need some guidance on your eating to assist you achieving your goals and to chase those Easter kgs away, speak to me directly.


Fitness Convention

Just a reminder that Shanon and I will be attending a fitness convention in Sydney from Thursday 18 April – Sunday 21 April, so there wont be any kettlebell or boxing classes on those days. Your term account reflects this. We are looking forward to learning lots of new and interesting things to share with you upon our return.

Fit Tips

Think your self fit. Use the power of your mind to become stronger, slimmer and healthier. You can do it!
A recent research article I read highlights what we often talk about in class, that is to visualize what muscles you are working to engage them further to get more work from them = better results.  Click here to read more.
Greatest Athlete

The Greatest Athlete – Melbourne Obstacle Race

So for those of you who, like me and others in our training group, love the obstacle races here’s an upcoming one in Melbourne that you may want to consider. Each obstacle has 5 levels of difficulty. It's even open to kids aged 12-15yo – my Sophie is keen to do it. Any others? Click here for more info and speak to myself or Shanon if you’re keen!

Makeup Classes

So if you're unable to make it to a session, you are always welcome to do a makeup session. You do however, need to advise and organise in advance. Thanks so much.
Timetable & Classes

Sessions & Timetable

With morning, afternoon and evening sessions running six days a week, there's something to suit everybody. Please click here to view our Summer/Autumn timetable.
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