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Welcome to Term 2

It’s been amazing to see so many people working super hard at all our sessions to improve their health and fitness. All of us here at The Leading Edge love what we do and helping you all to work towards achieving your own goals is what we are passionate about and really get a buzz from seeing your success.

This term has kicked off with an absolute bang! I am super proud of everyone who has made our current timetable as big and diverse as it is. Thank you everyone for all your support, without you we couldn’t do what we do. We appreciate all your referrals and love meeting many of your friends and family.

It's been a wet, windy and rather chilly start to May. This is when we start to see who's really serious about achieving their goals. This is your reality check. As you know, all we want is to be able to help people. Occasionally that means a gentle push is required.

Before we get into that, we need to recognise the hard workers because there are LOTS of you doing incredibly well, but a number of you are charging along achieving great results. Keep up the awesome work if you're one of those doing a fantastic job at the moment. No one goes unnoticed, we see all your victories and achievements (ie. trading your usual black gym clothes for brightly coloured active wear as you become more confident with yourself).

If you are one of those having a momentary lapse and struggling to gain momentum at the moment, take a minute to set some goals and have a look over these 8 steps. As always, if there is anything further we can do to help keep you motivated or on track, we'd love to hear from you!
Yours in health and fitness,
Lorraine Dennis and our valued team – Melinda, Kelly, Frank and George

8 Week Challenge

Kicking off 20th June!
Our Nutritionist/Dietician Matt offers personalised eating plans and a wealth of resources to help you learn the best way to nourish your body and achieve your weight and health goals. Combined with our fitness sessions and the ongoing support it is the ideal way to be successful. Email me for further details.

Super Popular!

Our HIIT sessions including Metafit and our BRAND NEW Fatburn Extreme are a hit! High Intensity Interval Training can give you a day-long metabolism boost, as we consume more oxygen during intense activity than in slower more steady exercise. This can increase post-exercise metabolism, and means that we continue to burn calories long after exercising. Check out our timetable and jump on board!

NEW Metafit Class - Tuesday 8pm

Kicking off soon at Hazel Glen Kindergarten with our male instructor, Iain, who is a PE teacher and super experienced and motivating. Enrolments are NOW OPEN! Small and personalised session suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Contact Lorraine on 0400 081 123 to book.

FREE Trial Sessions

If you're interested, or know of anyone who is keen to come check out our group training, claim a FREE trial by contacting Lorraine on 0400 081 123.

Yummy Recipe: Grilled Rosemary-Salmon Skewers

Salmon is a very healthy and versatile fish that can be used to create a wealth of simple and delicious recipes. Here are some quick and easy skewers!
Class Timetable

NEW 2016 Class Timetable!

Check out our new timetable! We are super proud of how varied and extensive it is and hope you too are loving the variety in classes and time slots. If you have a class suggestion that you’d like to see included please let us know.
The workout that keeps on working. Click here for more info!
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