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We're back for 2015!

Hi Everyone,

I trust you all have had a lovely festive season with family and friends. I know many of you have been training with us over the break and have been loving getting back into it with the majority of our sessions being held outdoors whilst the church hall is undergoing renovations. This week will see the last of our temporary and alternative locations with the church hall being up and running again as of Sunday 1st February.

I’m writing this on Tuesday, our first official day bay back for Term 1 and a few of the comments at this morning’s sessions have been “ooh all that food and alcohol over the Christmas period wasn’t such a good idea". Fear not gang, getting back into training is often all it takes to get back into the swing of eating more ‘normally’ again.

In case you need a bit of a helping hand, I’ve been working on putting together another new eating and food guide. It includes 50 recipes and 10 weeks of healthy choices! See results every day by following this guide. I will help you get leaner and feel better. The combination of wholesome food, effective training and a positive mindset really is the key to the best results and I promise, no rabbit food.  It is available right now straight to your inbox for only $10. Text me on 0400 081 123 or email me to purchase. Here’s a sample recipe!

If you do slip up and let’s face it who doesn’t? Check out these tips on getting back on track after a bit of overindulgence.

This term we have 21 classes on our timetable, the newest addition being Tuesday 6:00am Metafit held at the church hall. We have amended Thursday early morning Metafit to 6:00am also to streamline all our early morning time slots. We now have a 6:00am session each weekday morning offering Total Body Workouts & Metafit sessions. It’s a great time to exercise to give your day a little kick start. We currently have availability in the 6:00am sessions whilst many of our other classes are almost full or have waiting lists in place. We still offer complimentary trial sessions to all newcomers so please, help someone you know improve their health and fitness and get them on board. Yoga continues to attract many people for it’s ‘workout’ aspects plus the calming, time out relaxation content. We currently do have some vacancies if you or anyone you know is interested as does the Saturday 8:30am Boxing session. Frank and Luke both offer fantastic classes and will guide you well. Contact me directly to organise, text or email is fine.

We are welcoming a number of new people this term and I know that they too will feel the specialness of our classes and the warm and welcoming atmosphere you all help to provide at each session. We are proud of the many and varied sessions we have to offer and we feel we really do have something to offer everyone from Pilates and Yoga, to Metafit, Total Body sessions and Boxing.

Liking us on Facebook allows you to keep in touch with our daily happenings and share in the interesting and varied health and fitness information we share.  Follow the link if you haven’t yet joined our online community.

Thank you for all your ongoing support, it means so much to me and our other teachers. We are all looking forward to helping you achieve your own personal goals in 2015.

Kindest wishes,
Lorraine :-)
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